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Interaction with that scary “real” world that sometime leave you believing in Aliens, without doubt!

I suspect…

Women give birth to new life (for someone else).

Men have resurrection, Christ, Budda, Allah ( all boys) for a restoration of their same life for eternity.

But I suspect whatever it is that powers the Universe is bigger than SEX or DEATH.

Eradicate the Banks…all of them…round the world.

ImageWhat if Banks did not exist. What if the illusions that they promote, the debt, the wealth, the currency that currently causes all of us poverty, hunger, neglect and avarice, all the bad things that go along with greed were illegal. What if it was only people bartering with people? What if the basis in this world that has enough to feed the hungry, clothe the naked and care for the ill just did that? There’s enough food, enough medicine, enough housing for everyone. The entire”Monetary system” world wide is based on lies and illusions.  And only when we walk away from the banks in any form, from their power over our minds about what a piece of paper is worth ( a dollar bill) or a car or a apple or a lifesaving dose of Insulin that we GIVE them the power to them to control our lives. Stop believing in them and eradicate them from being and destroying our world that God gave us complete with the ability to feed, clothe, shelter and care for the ill. Let’s save ourselves from those that would enslave us, as they have.

What if we started by having just one day where there was no action on Wall St. , Where there was no action at the ATM’s. No loans written no debts paid. No houses bought through them. What if Banks simply didn’t exist? How much better a place would this world be?

My Brother Nat…

Well really God didn’t bless me too soon. She made sure that I was grown up enough to recognize this amazing soul came into my life. Nat is really my “Brother in Law”. But if ever there was a soul I’d like to claim for my blood relative it would be him. This man is filled with passions, for his family , his work , his community…he’s just too big a soul to keep quiet. He donates time to his churches to his community with the Lorain International Days and a host of other committees that just get the job done. Feeding the poor, encouraging and counseling those that need help getting back on track whether it be with a heating bill or visiting the sick this man is truly the meaning of what Christ was talking about when he said, “assuredly, I say to you inasmuch as you did to one of the least of these my brethren, you did it to Me.” Such has Nat done his whole life.

And he’s done it with a passion. The joy and laughter and love surround him. If he is present at a gathering just follow the laughter and the smiles and you’ll find him there in the center of the circle of family a human battery of joy ready with the hugs, smiles and stories that will set you at your ease and make you feel the warmth of standing in his light. It’s the love and acceptance that he emits , I find myself seeking him out each and every time. It doesn’t hurt that he is legendary in the Kitchen for the BEST Cabbage Rolls, Pirogis, Tamales, Stews, Soups. Actually you name it and with my sister Mary and their girls Natalie and Nora they turn them out in the amazing amounts, we are talking a hundred dozens at a go. But most of all its his spirit. I can still remember his Eulogy for his Mom. He just loved her so, but he realized just what people needed to hear and gave us the joyous part of her life to remember, then he sent a warning to the heavens telling his father to look out because Mom was now coming to heaven too and he better shape up, BUT FAST! He had all those sad faces smiling and nodding and then he said he had one of the best things of all…her last batch of cabbage rolls were given to him a few weeks earlier and the way he said it made the entire congregation laugh. Such a son, such a brother, we are so blessed. Lucky girl that sister of mine.

Postcards to Heaven…

I was reading about a psychic who holds events called “Postcards from Heaven”. Her name is Maureen Hancock and she’s in the Boston area and seems to be doing a world of good for those around her. But then a thought came to me, how poignant or helpful would it be to have “Postcards TO Heaven”. Because you would only have that limited space to say what your heart really needs to tell that person. I love you…I forgive you…You made such a difference in my life…Thank You…I’m so sorry…Forgive me. Those truly last most important statements that most of us never ever get a chance to say. Postcards to Heaven, you can send one a day until forever or you feel you’ve truly released that thought, wish, guilt or confirmed that love or need. I can remember watching the beginning of the movie “Love Actually” and it opens with a scene at Heathrow Airport in London busy with people saying their Hello’s and Goodbyes and the voice over speaks of all this ongoing love while saying that when the Twin Towers were hit people weren’t calling to yell about the stock market or be bothered about anything…they were calling to say they loved somebody. In those last minutes that’s what’s important. Just the facts. You made my life possible. I love you. I’m sorry. Thank you. Forgive me. I’ll always love you.

File:I'll Miss You Dad by Cecilio M. Ricardo Jr.jpg

So just start with those Postcards to Heaven to finish all those ends that weren’t allowed by time or distance or anger or whatever that changed the way it should have been allowed to happen. Say what you need to say and post it. Let it go. No addresses either to or from, just send it out there into the universe with the complete understanding that who ever that card was intended for will receive it. And let it go and move on and love and laugh and forgive and be kind all over again. You can do it right this time.

Photograph courtesy of Wikipedia Commons and Photographer Technical Sergeant Cecilio M. Ricardo Jr. USAF a brilliant photographer.

Things that make me smile…

I went looking for a few things to make me smile and found these…

Acts of lovingkindness (for yourself!)

I really believe in the consistent motion of trying to do the right thing. Believe and act with the intent  that you make a difference and you will make a difference. I think that if every day you do 1 thing or 2 things or 6 things or 9 things that are positive,  that day stretches out into infinity and affects 1 thing or 2 things or 6 things or 9 things. And it makes a positive WAVE that helps everything.

 The same thing is true of bad or miserable thoughts bought on by your own constant worries or inspired by  TV shows that foster greed (Kardshians) and contempt ( Housewives) and voyeurism ( Teen Mom). These horrible things have the constant and negative wave effect also on your mind soul and  life, your feelings and your future. Not to mention your family and friends whose lives immediately surround you.


So stay on the right track, the one that makes you feel good. Get away from all the endless thoughts of not having or being enough and realize just what wonders you do possess. Your amazing self. 

( this is my Aunt Peg…the Honorable Margaret J. Spellacy, Juvenile Court Judge, who had such a great smile and truly believed that in a Man’s world of 1958 she was the best candidate running and she was right. Just look at that smile, says it all. )

Be aware of the beauty and joy about YOU. The humor to enjoy them both and to look upon our human condition with a kind and loving eye. Being able to laugh at the idiocy of it all sometimes and see the similarities rich or poor that these emotions keep us in. Turn off those worrisome thoughts , just pay the bills as you can and keep going. Put on some great music and dance or sing let your soul have as much joy as worry…what the hell give it a lot more joy than worry and see what the steady diet of joy will do for a heart! Give it a try, what have you got to lose? Feeling miserable? Sacrifice it for lent! Feel good the way God intended when she went to the trouble of creating you out of star stuff, she certainly did not go through shaping you down to your fingerprints so you could worry about the light bill. Get on with your life, get on with joy, with intent to love who you are, where you are, and just who you are with and do that NOW.     

Tell the people around you that you love them, you’ll feel better immediately and so will they.

It’s an important thing to like what you do, like where you are. Because it makes your soul happy. It really is the best thing for the entire world for you to be happy.  I was thinking about this because an idea came to me that wasn’t a good one and I thought, “Why are you thinking like this?” and then I realized that I wasn’t thinking positive. So I stopped and tried to think of the good parts of the idea that had come to me. Then I realized that the very motion of looking for the good in the idea was like looking at it through the sunlight of being positive. It made it better, easier and I think that’s the way you need to do things. It’s just like a eulogy I heard once about how each life is like a stained glass window with its darks and its lights.

File:Barcelona, Sagrada família, vitrall nau principal RI-51-0003813.jpg

You just need to look through the good colors the light ones and not the dark ones. It all depends on you and your choices on a daily basis to literally look for the light in the thoughts you’re having or the incidents in the world surrounding you.  Remember when you were little and sitting there in church (your heart, your soul) you could see the sunlight streaming through the windows casting blues and yellows and reds and greens everywhere beautiful colors. Choose the ones ( the thoughts) you love and stay in the colors the thoughts the motions that lend light and laughter and love to your life. Your choice here is the most important part of your life, for in it you and you alone decide to stay happy , exercise your free will and stay positive and calm and at peace with this would and yourself.

And I think about my Dad, he was like that. He was always picking out the light colors, the good or the funny things in people. He was forever telling wonderful stories, parables really, about the people he met in his life, the characters or situations in the life of a Police Officer the things that made him laugh, or the simple things that led to profound knowledge of the human condition. Lighthearted, he was, I think that’s what you have to do, you have to pick out those things that make you lighthearted.

And it doesn’t hurt to always, always, always be helping the next guy. Because that can make you lighthearted too. It keeps your sense of humor. Because that’s what it is to be human. A sense of humor. 

And be good to yourself first, for it needs you more than you’ll ever realize, we all do. So take good care of yourself and then you can really help the next soul. You can do it, remember, you are created out of the same star stuff as Will Rogers, Shakespeare, Mother Teresa and the rest of those guardian angels, YOUR bones are knit of the very same star-dust as theirs. Sparkle, you natural wonder!

Many Thanks to Wikipedia Commons for some terrific photographs and illustrations explaining my thoughts, what a great free source of illustrations and photo for any idea you might have. If you can think it Wikipedia Commons can picture it. Thanks

Keep your eyes on the prize…

And be truly thankful for blessings already received. There once was a man named W. Clement Stone who in my travels around the world of positive thinking I have run into again and again. So I looked that soul up and sure enough he had some pretty neat things to say like…

“Aim for the moon. If you miss you may hit a star.”

“All I want to do is change the world.”

“All personal achievement starts in the mind of the individual. Your personal achievement starts in your mind. the first step is to know exactly what your problem , goal or desire is.”

“Big doors swing on small hinges.”

“Definiteness of purpose is the starting point  of all achievement.”

“Everyone who achieves success in a great venture, solves each problem as they came to it. They helped themselves. And they were helped through powers known and unknown to them at the time they set out on their voyage. They keep going regardless of the obstacles they met.”

** I have a friend who was struggling at the very end of their Masters Degree, first the college decided to end the program they were in and tried to get all the students ( there were under 10 at the time) to change their quest to a different program and degree, one that was much larger and would conform to what the school generally taught. So here were these 8 young souls told at the very end of their quest that the rules were being changed and they must go along with it. But this strong soul held on to the fact that  a deal was a deal. And they pursued their goal with unwavering conviction. They spoke to the Dean, they presented their complaints and arguments to entire committees composed of the faculty and in the end, they were given permission to finish and achieve the degree they set out for. So it looked as if all was on track and when the financial hardship appeared. They would not graduate without thousands of dollars being paid on their account. Student loans had run out and  God knew where the funds would be found. But the goal remained the same and the prayers and the work continued when suddenly there appeared literally someone doing the work of one of God’s Angel’s in the guise of a Teacher, a Professor who is a tiny little woman with an immense soul who fought and searched and found $20,000.00 in a miracle grant that would allow this souls dreams to come true.

Another time, I had been working and saving and with the support and help of my Sisters and Dad I had finally  straightened out my Credit rating enough to purchase a home ( I was living with my twins in my Fathers house and my sister Mary was helping by taking over the responsibility of paying my bills in a timely fashion. I simply deposited each and every paycheck with her and she took care of all the financial monsters that had held me in thrall for years. I even had new clothes for the first time in years. But I simply didn’t make enough money to get a down-payment together. Then the miracle occurred. I was sitting in my car reading by the side of the road, legally parked when a little old lady drove into the back of my car and totaled it. She was alright, just a little rattled and her big old car had very little damage but my car was destroyed. I remember looking up from reading my book and checking on my twins playing in the adjacent playground and checking the rear view mirror and realizing that the big car approaching me wouldn’t have time to stop at the speed they were going. And I didn’t have time to exit the car. So I simply laid down across the front seats and prayed for the best.

After the impact I was able to straighten up and look in the rearview mirror and I could see the horror on the little old lady’s face. So I pushed and pushed and finally got my car door open and went back and asked if she was ok, and then when she realized I was alive and ok too, she burst into tears of thankfulness. I realized I had to keep her calm. And I did and in the end we were both ok and her insurance company paid for my back and neck injuries and totaled car and I was able to use that money as a down payment on my own home for myself and my kids.

 Only because my sister Mary had put me in to a place of financial steadiness, my father had housed me and mine and my sister Peg had taken care of my children while I worked a 3-11 shift.

So miracles can happen everyday. They might not be exactly what you expect, but believe and focus and as they say,

“Just believe and work towards your goal and the Universe will correspond to the Nature of your song.”

I just love that.


*** for more about “How to know the luckiest day of your life” type in Dawson Kelly in the search field.

My thanks to Wikipedia Commons for the images.

I like to see her everywhere I look…

Yes, that little statue is of Mary and the baby Jesus. I just like to see her everywhere I look. I obviously hang out at the spice rack daily, and seeing that dear little face reminds me that she went through all the same challenges and more and she understands what we all go through. Gives a girl a little courage you know? I found her with her little legs dangling off the side of a shelf at the local Goodwill and at first I was upset that she would be portrayed so simply then I realized perhaps that just the way she would like to be seen, like you and me and that the work that we all do everyday is the same as she did and perhaps she would enjoy hanging about my house. I’m sure she does, especially in the kitchen that’s where we all sit and tell stories and share our meals. Such good times…

Hold on to that intention…


You have to hold on to that intention. Whatever your dreams you can only make them come true by holding on to them and believing in them and seeing them in your mind’s eye. Years ago while miserable and tired and overworked and overwhelmed I had a dream. A dream of living in Ottawa County, Ohio. I had been there on a weekend vacation provided by a friend and fell so in love with the surroundings that I was determined to someday come back here and settle where the area is so serene and beautiful. It was a far cry from the Cleveland that was slowly rusting away, that meant hours spent in rush hour coming and going to a job that I hated downtown where the job was a lifer and the benefits kept you in lockdown. But you need that when the kids are little and you need a regular 9-5 to keep food on the table. But in my heart I intended to get to Ottawa County and the Islands and Port Clinton and Marblehead as soon as my life would allow. What caused this particular chain of thought is again was the fact that I pulled out the DVD “The  Secret” and watched it again and left it feeling so positive so grateful for all the choices that I have made that worked out so well that they happen to be the best parts of my life. And they were all committed with full intent, (having children) and have turned out to be the best decisions I’ve ever made. In fact even the “bad” or “wrong” decisions had the amazing ramifications of teaching me something about this life and myself I couldn’t have learned any other way. (my first marriage) All this to say if you want it, dream about it. Envision it, breathe it and live it. Make your imagination take you directly to the future you INTEND and then speak and listen with joy to the things you’ll find there. It will happen. It did for me.

I dreamed and intended great kids; I have them!

I dreamed and intended to own a house: I did it!

I dreamed and intended true love with a kind and wonderful man: Everyday I live with my David I thank God for such a great soul.

I dreamed and intended for my children to be loved and in love.: They both are so lucky to have these amazing souls that laugh with them and love them and act as such a anchors to their lives..  

Dreamed and intended that I could write and research all day long. : Done!

Dreamed and intended I could work with kids and help them be what they wanted to be. Done!




Mitt Romney made 20.9 million dollars last year. (In one year!)

And that was working one full time job as a Congressman. I know Congress pays well, but really ? Congress pays a congressman $174,000.00 a year to be exact. 

That leaves $20 million 726 thousand ( $20,726,000.00) unearned from his full time job. Questions ? I got 20,726,000.00 of them.