thekatebook blog exists only because of my sister Kate and a bevy of other relatives (that I shall refer to from here on out as “Bevvies ” at family parties ). No really, I was trying to knock together some of my favorite family stories after my Dad had passed away and I found myself repeatedly going back to my sister Kate’s great advice or wisdom. They all have it …my brother Will my sisters Maureen, Anne, Marg, Mary Ellen and the sharpest tack in our shed Therese whose has been known to cut her lips on a conversation, (at least a really juicy good one!).

   Anyway Kate called one day and was a little blue, so I told her about this book I’d been working on and how instead of it being stories about Daddy it had morphed into a book basically about family stories or real life experiences she had shared with me. I said at that point that I really needed to finish it up so that she could when blue just go over and open her “Katebook” up and laugh. So here it is missing it’s hard covers and hoping she’ll and all the family will keep telling me more and more wonderful funny stories.

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  1. You are fun to read!

    • Thanks,
      It makes me laugh to look up these funny quotes, or tell family stories. Thanks for visiting and the great comment.
      Sheila of thekatebook…(kind of like Robin of the hood)

  2. Hey Sheila, did you call me? It seems your phone number is blocked from my caller ID. AND I don’t have an email for you? Is that possible? email me if you need me. Love reading your stuff always always always,

  3. Thanks for letting me know Eileen! Talk to you soon.

    love you

  4. Lovely, just a lovely little blog you’ve got here.

  5. Elizabeth Fuller

    Aunt Sheila,
    This blog is great. I started school about a month ago to become a paralegal and I was trying to find information online about your aunt Margaret Spellacy. I couldn’t believe there was nothing online about her, just about the school, but they don’t even list any information about her or how she got to have a school named after her. Anyway, while trying to find that information I came across your blog. It was nice to read some of these stories:)

    • Dear Elizabeth,
      Thanks for your comments on Thekatebook blog. I’m going to call those Aunts Katie and Maureen and Marg and Anne todayand perhaps we can both get a better picture of that amazing woman who was so loved and respected by those in her own profession (the Law), and simply adored by her own family. She was a woman that walked shoulder to shoulder with the likes of Jack Kennedy to bring about a political transformantion in this country, and then died suddenly before she could see the fruit of her hard labors. Truly Juvenile Court Judge Margaret J. Spellacy was a force to be reckoned with. John Tidyman has a wonderful story about a Reporter being called onto the carpet to shut up or put up for some pretty sneaky shenanigans. There are sources still around that could be of great help. Uncle Leo maybe most of all. I’ll get busy and you do too and I’ll bet before the weeks out we have some great stories to share. Good luck with your research, nothing like checking out your own, it can be a pretty humbling experience to see what they put up with and managed to do to simply make our little lives as cosy as they are.
      Aunt Sheila

  6. Hey, thanks so much for posting a photo of your dad! I answered yourprevious post about him because of the effect he had on my life when i worked with him at Intown Delivery, years after Mary Ellen first told me about him. I just Googled him to see if there was a photo and found yours! I’m so glad to have one. When Intown closed unexpectedly over the July 4th weekend 1993 I planned to go by his house sometime but never made it and that’s my loss. I’ll never forget that man. What wisdom gained from a life well lived!

    Bill McCroden

  7. Since you mention Richard O’Toole, somehow it looks like we may be related. I’m actually in Ireland as I type this and will be going to County Wicklow where I believe they originated from.

  8. Write more! 🙂 You are loved.

  9. Ah, now I get who it is. Hope the family is doing well. Mary Ellen’s the only one I’ve met but you all gotta be cool.
    Happy 2016,
    Bill McCroden
    in Fairview Park now- finally got a house and retired (way after getting the house unfortunately)

  10. We may be distantly related…my fathers mother was Margaret spellacy of Cleveland. Her brother was William. Trying to find out if any relation to judge Margaret spellacy.

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