More “Terms of Endearment”…

I was talking to my sister Marg and laughing so hard that I realized our conversation had the makings of a good article. When Margy and I and our seven other siblings were little my Mother’s terms of endearment went something like this…

“Close your beady little eyes and go to sleep.”


“Go to your room and don’t come out until you can be human.”

What was that? I’m no longer human? That one never ceased to amaze me. She made it clear that anyone who would lose their composure (man or child) was no longer human and couldn’t and wouldn’t be dealt with until they were.

I can also recall her saying ” You are enough to make the Saints drink!” or muttering when truly irate, “Jesusmaryandjoseph!” as if it were one word when repeated slowly acted in the same fashion as slowly counting to ten. She used that one a lot.

“Christ on a crutch!” another one. And last but not least, “You’d lose your head if it wasn’t attached!”.

So my visions as a child were the Pearly Gates wide open with Peter quite sloshed sitting around commisterating with all the other Saints ( Bernadette, Ignatius etc.) about what wild children we were, all the while I was searching for my head with it easily recongnizable beady little eyes… My Mom, Ma…

I miss her and would give anything to lay my little beady eyes on her now.

One response to “More “Terms of Endearment”…

  1. Ma, this made me smile to picture you and Grandma. I love the way she “nurtured” you and your siblings. Real life, I guess. She always had her eyes on you guys and I’m sure she still does. I love you. I know you must miss her and I wish I could make it better. She’s so much closer than we can grasp. They all are – Johnny, Ryan, all of them. In between the heartbeats, just so close. I know you know that, but it’s still hard to miss them. Next time I visit, I’ll wear Yardley and try to be ever-so-tiny when you hug me, and then you can imagine for a moment if you want. I’ll even comment on your beady (I know Grandma meant to say
    BEAUTIFUL) eyes!

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