Eradicate the Banks…all of them…round the world.

ImageWhat if Banks did not exist. What if the illusions that they promote, the debt, the wealth, the currency that currently causes all of us poverty, hunger, neglect and avarice, all the bad things that go along with greed were illegal. What if it was only people bartering with people? What if the basis in this world that has enough to feed the hungry, clothe the naked and care for the ill just did that? There’s enough food, enough medicine, enough housing for everyone. The entire”Monetary system” world wide is based on lies and illusions.  And only when we walk away from the banks in any form, from their power over our minds about what a piece of paper is worth ( a dollar bill) or a car or a apple or a lifesaving dose of Insulin that we GIVE them the power to them to control our lives. Stop believing in them and eradicate them from being and destroying our world that God gave us complete with the ability to feed, clothe, shelter and care for the ill. Let’s save ourselves from those that would enslave us, as they have.

What if we started by having just one day where there was no action on Wall St. , Where there was no action at the ATM’s. No loans written no debts paid. No houses bought through them. What if Banks simply didn’t exist? How much better a place would this world be?

6 responses to “Eradicate the Banks…all of them…round the world.

  1. Now that is one awesome blog….good on ya Sheila!

    • Thanks Pat. I really believe its worth a try. Obviously its not working with them. They are the destroyers of our peace of mind and of our futures. I can’t imagine the numbers of suicides they have caused, but I’m certainly aware of all their profits they have inhaled during wars and our losses of life to feed their profit machine.

      Thanks for the comment Pat,

  2. I like this idea. One day without giving or getting anything from the banks. Hard to imagine and very intriguing.

    • I think so, I’m certain most of the people doing “Occupy” would be more than happy to give the bankers a lesson, where it counts…in their pocketbook. Imagine Wall St. silent and the world still turns. The tomatoes still grow and the sun still sets. Clearly they are not real. Their power is something we give to them by participating in the lie that they are looking out for our money. They are looking out for a profit line, period!

  3. Dear TheKateBook,
    What gives?! It’s been 23 days since your last entry! The people need something to read! How’s the garden coming along? Is Lake Erie gray or blue today? What’s a good recipe for something healthy? Are there any interesting long-forgotten stories to tell? Your readers await…

    • Dearest Bratty Susan,
      1st I love you. I’ll get busy. It’s just that some of the things I’ve been thinking of really need to be thought through completly. Some of it’s not the ususal be happy stuff, it’s more like make decisions and choose a way of life. But I guess that’s what its really all about anyway, even if you just choose to live life “lite” its a choice to not take this all seriously…see what I mean? Its going to be hard to write and probably harder to follow but i’ll start today. I love you rascal.

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