My Brother Nat…

Well really God didn’t bless me too soon. She made sure that I was grown up enough to recognize this amazing soul came into my life. Nat is really my “Brother in Law”. But if ever there was a soul I’d like to claim for my blood relative it would be him. This man is filled with passions, for his family , his work , his community…he’s just too big a soul to keep quiet. He donates time to his churches to his community with the Lorain International Days and a host of other committees that just get the job done. Feeding the poor, encouraging and counseling those that need help getting back on track whether it be with a heating bill or visiting the sick this man is truly the meaning of what Christ was talking about when he said, “assuredly, I say to you inasmuch as you did to one of the least of these my brethren, you did it to Me.” Such has Nat done his whole life.

And he’s done it with a passion. The joy and laughter and love surround him. If he is present at a gathering just follow the laughter and the smiles and you’ll find him there in the center of the circle of family a human battery of joy ready with the hugs, smiles and stories that will set you at your ease and make you feel the warmth of standing in his light. It’s the love and acceptance that he emits , I find myself seeking him out each and every time. It doesn’t hurt that he is legendary in the Kitchen for the BEST Cabbage Rolls, Pirogis, Tamales, Stews, Soups. Actually you name it and with my sister Mary and their girls Natalie and Nora they turn them out in the amazing amounts, we are talking a hundred dozens at a go. But most of all its his spirit. I can still remember his Eulogy for his Mom. He just loved her so, but he realized just what people needed to hear and gave us the joyous part of her life to remember, then he sent a warning to the heavens telling his father to look out because Mom was now coming to heaven too and he better shape up, BUT FAST! He had all those sad faces smiling and nodding and then he said he had one of the best things of all…her last batch of cabbage rolls were given to him a few weeks earlier and the way he said it made the entire congregation laugh. Such a son, such a brother, we are so blessed. Lucky girl that sister of mine.

2 responses to “My Brother Nat…

  1. What a wonderful description of our Uncle Nat! He really is an amazing guy.

  2. Natalio Rodriquez

    Sheila I’m crying.

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