I like to see her everywhere I look…

Yes, that little statue is of Mary and the baby Jesus. I just like to see her everywhere I look. I obviously hang out at the spice rack daily, and seeing that dear little face reminds me that she went through all the same challenges and more and she understands what we all go through. Gives a girl a little courage you know? I found her with her little legs dangling off the side of a shelf at the local Goodwill and at first I was upset that she would be portrayed so simply then I realized perhaps that just the way she would like to be seen, like you and me and that the work that we all do everyday is the same as she did and perhaps she would enjoy hanging about my house. I’m sure she does, especially in the kitchen that’s where we all sit and tell stories and share our meals. Such good times…

2 responses to “I like to see her everywhere I look…

  1. I like the way you describe her, like a member of the household. Just hanging around the kitchen with you guys.

  2. My Dearest Girl,

    That’s just because that’s the way I’ve always felt about her. She gets it. She’s had the worst heartaches and she’s done the whole thing. She’s been through it all and still stayed just the sweet girl/woman that she always was. I just wish someday to hear her laughter. Its gotta be something amazing. I’ll bet her eyes just crinkle right up and she holds her sides and loves a uncontrollable giggle just like the rest of us.

    love you

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