Hold on to that intention…


You have to hold on to that intention. Whatever your dreams you can only make them come true by holding on to them and believing in them and seeing them in your mind’s eye. Years ago while miserable and tired and overworked and overwhelmed I had a dream. A dream of living in Ottawa County, Ohio. I had been there on a weekend vacation provided by a friend and fell so in love with the surroundings that I was determined to someday come back here and settle where the area is so serene and beautiful. It was a far cry from the Cleveland that was slowly rusting away, that meant hours spent in rush hour coming and going to a job that I hated downtown where the job was a lifer and the benefits kept you in lockdown. But you need that when the kids are little and you need a regular 9-5 to keep food on the table. But in my heart I intended to get to Ottawa County and the Islands and Port Clinton and Marblehead as soon as my life would allow. What caused this particular chain of thought is again was the fact that I pulled out the DVD “The  Secret” and watched it again and left it feeling so positive so grateful for all the choices that I have made that worked out so well that they happen to be the best parts of my life. And they were all committed with full intent, (having children) and have turned out to be the best decisions I’ve ever made. In fact even the “bad” or “wrong” decisions had the amazing ramifications of teaching me something about this life and myself I couldn’t have learned any other way. (my first marriage) All this to say if you want it, dream about it. Envision it, breathe it and live it. Make your imagination take you directly to the future you INTEND and then speak and listen with joy to the things you’ll find there. It will happen. It did for me.

I dreamed and intended great kids; I have them!

I dreamed and intended to own a house: I did it!

I dreamed and intended true love with a kind and wonderful man: Everyday I live with my David I thank God for such a great soul.

I dreamed and intended for my children to be loved and in love.: They both are so lucky to have these amazing souls that laugh with them and love them and act as such a anchors to their lives..  

Dreamed and intended that I could write and research all day long. : Done!

Dreamed and intended I could work with kids and help them be what they wanted to be. Done!




2 responses to “Hold on to that intention…

  1. I love that you are so happy!!! My mom is inspiring.

    • You are changing whole worlds for people and their children, and I am so proud and happy because you love me and I’ll never be able to tell you just how much you mean to me, but I’ll keep trying. You make it pretty easy for me to be happy!
      love you kiddo,

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