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This is one of my two baby pictures. If I seem a little dazed by the size of the crowd, it as only an act. But I was following quite a eclectic crowd…Circus Performers, Nuns, Judges, Nurses, Policemen, Party Chairmen and Plumbers, D.A.R. members, Farmers, Pharmacists, Engineers and Welders. People who worked hard every day just to keep the lights on, Wonder Bread in the kitchen and Creamed Corn on the table. People who’s only goal was to raise  a decent family, and laugh long and love well, and obviously save little or I wouldn’t be writing this beauty.  No, that’s not true. I write because I have to. In the wee small hours while the world is fast asleep I’m visiting my memories and realizing just how lucky I have been.  I spent the first 18 years of my life trying to figure a way to get far, far away from these people only to…

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  1. Could you name everyone left to right for us? I love these old pics!

    • No Pat, its enough that I posted the picture they’ll probably end up killing me. Nobody comes out looking good!

      that rotton sister sheila

  2. HAHAHAHAHHA! I see your point! I think the girl in the Communion veil is Mary…and Kate is the 2nd oldest.

    • All right you rascal, but if you don’t see any posts for a long, long time come looking for me!

      left to right; Maureen, (holding me) then Kate, Marg (Holy Communion Day and Aunt Peggy got her dress and veil and rosary beads in Rome and had the rosary blessed!) then Anne, Will and Mary. What a crowd. It’s a wonder my Mom and Dad had their hands more than full!

      love you

      ps thanks for reading these and writing the comments, its such a help to know if i’m on track and doing the right thing. Thanks Pat.

  3. You most definetly do the right thing by me…I get the email and it is rare I dont go right to the KateBook…miss my Kate! Thank you for posting the identity of the “Rogues Gallery”.

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