More Soldiers have died from SUICIDE than COMBAT for the last two years…

the last two years.

But that’s not all, our very own Corporations and Businesses created and sold and sent to Iraq the very munitions that are killing our Soldiers in combat.

click on the line below:

After you’ve read the story from about the suicides and when you get done reading that come back for a further information on just how the US Government supplied those same guns and ammo that are killing the soldiers in combat. For that story click here ;

And about Marblehead and LaFarge Quarry involvment click here;

My thanks to and to Information and to

Do your research and follow the money at all times.

Seems even my little tiny town of Marblehead, OHIO had a share in this American Atrocity. Via American Munitions Makers sending their Arms and Munitions thru Lafarge Quarry with a dock to call their own on a major waterway out of the country…talk about terrorism…follow the money and the broken laws  right back to Washington and the 1%. 

As my dear old Dad always said, Crime is either about money or sex or power, Always. What they did in ARMING Iraq was and is ILLEGAL. Still no action has been taken to make these political criminals own up to their hand in all these deaths.  

My thanks to Wikipedia Commons for the picture of their meeting from back in 1983. I can just imagine Rumsfield saying to Saddam, “Let’s make a deal” in 1983 to have them (Iraq) armed to the teeth to fight Iran and after the war ended the selling of war instruments just went on and on and on…


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