You are your work…forever…

Whatever you work at and put out there into the Universe is you. Only your work identifies you forever to the Universe. 

So do what you love, work joyously and hard. If it’s raising that family, do it well. Then you’ll live on always in the hearts and minds and souls of those you’ve so loved. Don’t waste your life doing patchy work you hate. For instance I have a brilliant kind relative and one Christmas Season he tossed all the files on foreclosure proceedings that were on his desk, just to give those families a few extra weeks before the banks could organize their files enough to evict them. To me he is a Saint, and he made his job something he could at least tolerate thru that Christmas season. 

Then there’s my Ex-Husband, years ago he used to deliver Meal-on-Wheels, it had started as a part-time job thru “Manpower” employment services but the little old ladies just loved him. And he them. It truly was a “mutual admiration society”. He ended up just loving working with the elderly. He was hired on full-time and retired from there after little better than a decade with them.

The ladies and gentlemen he delivered lunch to still talk about him although he’s been retired from that for a while. And God forbid anything happens to them or him, their children will talk about what a kind man used to deliver mom’s meals, just as my kids talk about the fabulous characters on his route. (Once in a while he would take them to work with him on his route, our little twins. And the ladies just loved them and the kids in return had an insight into their Daddy’s job and the real life adventures of getting old in our Society and learning how to be more than comfortable with and appreciate the elderly.) Come to think of it, prior to this he had an Ambulance Company where he would routinely go out into the world and be the guy who literally saved people.

 And even now in retirement he volunteers with his local police department and goes out there only occasionally and puts himself once again out there to help and aid other people. That what makes him tick, helping the next guy, being there when he’s needed. That’s his bliss, though I doubt he even realizes it.

As for me, I write because I love it, and I have to. My David worked in a Lumber Yard for 30+ years because he loved the smell of the fresh wood and being outdoors all day and seeing spiders shit, and hornets nests, wild cats and the occasional fox and snakes or any other wild critters that wander by the back lots of lumber yards. All sorts of spinning and creeping and just living out there in God’s creation. He loves working with guys in the building trades and sharing humor and comradery with those guys. He loves it. I know, what other jobs allow you to find frozen nests of mice hidden in a huge log of Lumber? It’s part of the reason I love that man, his constant close study of the Earth amazes me. He notices more in 30 seconds than I’ll see in a month. The world and nature and more than a few lifetime friendships this is the perspective he wanted and found.


Whatever your desires, the right job will give you. Perhaps that’s the biggest clue to finding the right job. Don’t look at it as if it’s a job… but really the only place you would want to be all the time if you could. Because you can. It truly is just like they say “Follow your Bliss”, and it won’t be work, it’ll be your passion.

And when people think of you they’ll think of that really calm happy settled person who is so comfortable doing just what they love that they approach life and other people with joy and kindness. Not a bad way to be seen or remembered, Eh?

4 responses to “You are your work…forever…

  1. I needed this. I quit my job yesterday and I wouldn’t have if I didn’t think that wasn’t the right thing to do, but having read this makes me feel so much better about my bank account. Thank you.

    • Dear Sharon,

      I love that you have decided to take a chance on YOU. Its a rare and wonderful breed that finally achieves their lifes dreams, but it always takes getting out there into the open. Realize you’re already head and shoulders above the crowd by having the courage to define your own life. My money’s on YOU.
      Now I’m off to enjoy your blog! Congrats on your graduation into a happy life.


  2. Mom, thanks for this great description of my Dad. I absolutely love that you saw this in him. Thank you.

  3. I love this message. I have long believed that your work defines what you are. I am, like your David, fortunate enough to do what I truly love. I agree about the spiders shit, foxes, and nature….I breathe it – bleed it – believe it! Thank you for the lovely story and I will definitely check in often as the style is just what I need! Thanks again for sharing something so profound and beautiful!

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