We are teaching our daughters to grow up and look like Barbie Dolls, how sad is that?

To base any part of their self-worth on their appearance that can be modified and pushed or pulled or colored or bleached  or starved or padded until can be found acceptable to the American Barbie Doll standard. We are building them to fail. And do so miserably, comparing their real bodies and faces to airbrushed fantasies they can never really equal, or if they do come close with surgery and diet they find out once there it hasn’t changed their real world and fears one bit. Barbie Fashion Model.JPG

 If they only had a brain…thats what should be pushed and pulled and stuffed with good stuff, and groomed to repulse  the bad stuff like any form of violence,  false values and shallowness. If only half the time and energy spent by our Society that values only appearances was spent on growing young girls minds what an impact it would make. Imagine if for every Makeup or Diet advertisement young girls found a gold nugget of information or a fun fact that would set that young pliant beautiful young mind into the wonders of the world like science or imagination . You would be unleashing the power of their minds, something that can truly with a passion and direction give them the lifelong gift of studying the world and treasuring their own self-worth and identity. No self-centered narcissistic life locked into a mirror of their own reflection, lost in space and time trying to match the unmatchable, ending in further self-study and years of therapy looking for someone to blame because they never were trained to take their eyes off themselves long enough to look at the world around them. To become the absolute plastic horrors you see exhibited on reality shows like “Housewives of Beverly Hills”. How scary is that? Do you want that life of fear and loathing for your daughters and granddaughters? No? Then don’t exhibit it. And the next time you out to buy her a really cute little top match it with something that will grow her mind, even if its only a bulb to plant indoors and watch grow or a harmonica that she can play the scales with. Take the thrust of interest off her closet and onto her other senses. Or get really crazy and stop by a Teachers Supply store and find her an interesting and fun experiment or toy that will take her mind places. Growing her mind will in the end be far more important than another pair of cute shoes. It’ll also teach her what you value. Not her appearance but her mind. You believe in it and YOU value it. 

 If you grow their minds there will be no fumbling the ball in the third quarter of life because your entire playing field has changed direction. No fears concerning physical aging, only that its shortened the playing field some and now their work and passions whether it be raising a whole new generation to be brave and brilliant or following their passion into another area must be pursued with more intense concentration as time is shortened. However they will like themselves and therefore  have lots of laughter and love in their lives and their hearts, minds and souls will be at peace with who they are. 

And isn’t that what you wanted the end of the story to be when they laid that little baby girl in your arms?

Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan

Photographs courtesy of  Wikipedia Commons.

8 responses to “We are teaching our daughters to grow up and look like Barbie Dolls, how sad is that?

  1. Teach your children well…

  2. Go Mom!!! I just learned of a place in Maine called girlformation that is very much anti-Barbie and works to empower young girls in just the way you described. Looks like a good idea long overdue!

    • Dear Susan,
      I’m going to check out that “girlformation” website and perhaps get that link on.
      love you and thanks!

  3. I hope your words are like a beacon that attracts those lost in the dark…as you speak much truth here. Eric

  4. Hey Ma,
    I found this on youtube and it made me think of what you were saying here. It’s a young girl out to change the world.


    • Susan I just love this, particularly the way the audience of bored men started looking interested, then suprised then guilty. This young girl speaks with such startling and clean frankness, so wonderful to see and hear.

      Thank you my love,

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