Christmas is a time to remember and spend back all that love all that faith others have had in you…

Sometimes when I get really tired I think of my Mom. She had more strength and grit than any other woman I ever met. And thankfully it seems as if she’s only a phone call or a veil away from me. 

I like that feeling. It seems the more I read the closer I come to realizing that this event called “life” is really only a blur of what is really going on at all times. Our existence happens before, during and after this period called “Life”.

The idea being, that all around us both the people already past and those yet to come are there. Either waiting in the wings, off stage or performing on a different set at the same time all the same things we are doing. It’s all going on at the same time. Simultaneously, we’re not the only game in Time.

Not only that but they love us and they support us still. Just as we do them. Just like Christ said, love them as you have me. This is not only for the living but for those we’ve lost to death and those yet to come to us also. This love is too powerful and too eternal to only be a one lifetime expenditure of power. For we know for each and every action there is an equal and opposite reaction that perhaps we can’t see but we can certainly feel. Think of it as a huge Oak Tree of emotional strength and support. You cannot see the roots of that huge Oak but you can certainly gauge by looking at it that what appears above the grass so appears below. There is a root system built to balance all the weight just as strong and just as diverse as the immense trunk and spreading branches you see before you. A mirror image that allows the tree to stay upright. Same as us, there is a balance bought about by the love and ballast of others in each stage of our eternal soul before, during and ever after. Thank God.

And I believe in those particularly trying times not just the memories of other souls gone before but their actual eternal power of love and laughter can sustain us here as we fumble about our own way. And thank god because with out that constant center they’ve created and held we might just float away. Their hope , love and laughter and belief in us gives us the power to believe what they said and acted upon, their faith in us, each and every one of us. So even if you’ve only had one cheerleader in your life that has let you know in no uncertain terms that you are one of a kind, remarkable believe them and hold that thought because you’ve just found your ballast, and you’ll need it to keep your center so you can become some else’s center to hold onto. And that’s the real cycle of life. To take care of each other, always and realize that your being watched over and loved and taken care of too. It’s just part of the fabric of your being, your soul.

Merry Christmas Always, my rascals.


6 responses to “Christmas is a time to remember and spend back all that love all that faith others have had in you…

  1. You could not know how much this helped me today…faith restored. Happy Holidays to my favorite author and her wonderful family! Im sharing this with everyone I can…

    • By God Pat, you are so good for the soul. Not surprising considering your so dear to our Kate and you too have some wonderful Christmas times this year but don’t forget to remember those funny and dear ones that happened in the past and look with hope for those Christmas of the future that you make happen everyday for those around you by just being who you are.

      Happy Holidays!

  2. Awesome post! Merry Christmas to you too!

    • Thanks Laura,
      May you and yours have a very Merry one indeed. You and your Mom and sisters and brother make up some pretty good Christmas Memories for me and mine. Love you.


  3. Mom, this is really beautiful, especially for this time of the year. I love you very much!

  4. It’s great to read something that’s both enjoyable and provides pragmatisdc solitouns.

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