Life on the peninsula, some things never change.

I was reading a book by a gentleman/scholar from Elyria published years ago on the native americans and their time in this corner of the world now known as the Ohio Western Reserve Firelands. His work in archeology spoke of the Indiginous people of this area living, breathing, working and fishing in this the Northwest corner of the state of Ohio , 800 years before Christ walked the Earth.

He spoke of how they tended their cooking fires and raised their children beside the same Sandusky Bay that we do today…

The land itself hasn’t changed all that much…

 And I suspect just like the old FBI series only the names and faces have been changed, the Fishermen, their wives and children still reside here some still even making their living off the bounty of the land and waters up here.

Remarkable, how little things really do change and how much they stay the same… 

 Photographs courtesy of Wikipedia Commons, and East Harbor State Park is my own photo. Wonderful to live where each day is a celebration of beauty. I believe this land may be the prettiest piece of earth ever, at least for me…

One response to “Life on the peninsula, some things never change.

  1. Grandpa would love your appreciation for local history – he was so fascinated by that sort of thing. This writing reminds me of him. I love you, Ma.

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