Where’s George W. Bush today ? I know where the 6,274 American dead soldiers are…

His handiwork, those deaths. My question is just that, do you know where George W. Bush is today? Where is Cheney today? I wonder if the 33,169 wounded American Soldiers are getting the same medical care Cheney gets?

Where are the hundred and thousands of Arab and Iranian and American families they’ve destroyed these 10 years in this War profiteering hoax/holocaust? Weapons of Mass destruction? Lies.  

We know there are more than 919,000 dead men, women and children in Iraq since the American and Coalition forces arrived in Iraq. We know Bush and Cheney’s  deceit and actions have created death and destruction a whole world over.

I’ll tell you where George W. Bush was on Wednesday, 11/2/11…he was at Goldman-Sachs in New York City visiting their headquarters when a group of 100 Occupy Wall Street protesters circled the building in Lower Manhattan and started yelling “ARREST GEORGE BUSH!!, ARREST GEORGE BUSH!!, ARREST GEORGE BUSH”!!.

Yes I say, Arrest him and Cheney and charge them with Treason find them guilty and follow the law. They’ve killed enough Americans with full intent.

4 responses to “Where’s George W. Bush today ? I know where the 6,274 American dead soldiers are…

  1. That was awesome! Can I put it on my facebook page???

    Im putting that under the “Tells it like you see it” column. BRAVO!

    • Dear Pat,

      Thanks so for the quick response. Sure, you can post it on your facebook page. I think I’m part of that 99% too. Occupy Wall Street, Occupy the Votiong Booth, Occupy the Jury Box. Vote, Vote, Vote.


  2. from my friend Sheila and her blog “thekatebook” on WordPress.com.

  3. Where do you think criminals go? They hide!

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