Intend it…

Imagine it and it can happen, in fact thats the only way it can happen if you don’t dream it up it will never be imagined, intended and completed. So you can have your most cherished and sought after dreams all the time because intending them is simply the only way you can make them become a reality, ergo TRUE.

It was my intention 15 years ago, to live in joy and peace with the man I love, my hero David a man who can calm my soul with a simple glance and smile from that beloved face. It was also part of my dream and intention to do what I love by writing and reading all day. And to do it in a simply beautiful peaceful place. 


So far so good…

And now I intend to treat myself for writing and photographing some of my favorite things and being able to show them to you. I’m intending a hot cup of coffee with a maple frosted cream filled doughnut stick from “Jill’s Bakery” here in Marblehead. Start with the little intents and you’ll finish the big ones too.

Life is good! 

(pictured above is my handsome husband and East Harbor State Park Causeway in the fall.)

P.S. You’ve got to visit East Harbor State Park up here near Port Clinton and Marblehead in Ottawa County, Ohio. It has the longest sand beaches in Ohio…who knew?! It’s stunning, really.

5 responses to “Intend it…

  1. I used to see old guys like him all over Marblehead back in ’61, ’62. I think I’d like the place better now than I thought I did then. Old Jules

    • Dear Jules,
      That’s my beloved, gentle and handsome husband . And I got to tell you the Marblehead/ Danbury area of Ohio is largely Retirees now, different from the Quarry/ Plum Brook/ Standard Products/ Erie Arsenal and Proving grounds . that surrounded you as a kid. You know , now I think its just the prettiest of places with the kindest of people. You should come back for a visit.. Thanks for the comment. I’m traveling over to your Blog now I’ll leave a comment too.


  2. Some one to love, someone to love you, coffe and a donut, and Lake Erie…Priceless!

  3. Thanks Pat, I’m really appreciate having you caring enough to take the time to respond to my thoughts. You’re the best.

  4. Pat’s right! You have arrived in your happiness! I love you and I love what you have done with your life.

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