Just the right words…

I love the power of words. I’ve been known to ferret out single sentences from books upon books and save those single ones that have moved me. Here’s a few from the crowd.

File:Mailing Letters.jpg

From Beverly Cleary’s Newberry Award winning “Mr. Henshaw” a young boy’s series of letters to his favorite Author during his turbulent young life.

“I wish I had a Grandfather like Mr. Fridley.

 He’s so nice, sort of baggy and comfortable.”

Makes me realize as an adult how much comfort there is in it to a child when you are comfortable in your own skin and can just hug them or teach them to love themselves just as they are.

Another is from Donia Bijan’s new and wonderful autobiography ” Maman’s Homesick Pie”, that speaks of her Mother and herself and to the life of that amazing woman uprooted and thrown across whole continents and yet capable of refashioning herself and her family needs and yet continuing to give her children the strength, grace and power that were her’s as an example to them of just how to face this world.

Where her Father would criticize, “My Mother’s response was dry, with a here-we-go weariness that pinched her pretty mouth. Something passed over her face like a cloud over the sun. I later understood this brief absence of light in her expression to imply her aversion to judgment. She believed a parent’s job was to provide love and security without staking any claims on a child’s future, that children owned their dreams, their mishaps, their triumphs, and their failures.”

Later during a discussion on the political unrealities that led to the Shah’s downfall and the end of that world as they knew it she shared the apt opinion,  “I did not understand we paid for political stability through repression.”

So clearly stated and frighteningly understood. Political stability = Repression. This is some concise writing. And I love these Authors use of it.

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P.S. That was Kate’s doing, my wandering the shelves of the children section to search out Newberry winners. She said you can’t go wrong with them their just wonderful and she as alway is so right! So if your short on time in the library check out the Newberry shelf at your local library just scoop up 4 or 5 and you’ll be set for some terrific reading for the weekend.

Photograph courtesy of Wikipedia Commons.

One response to “Just the right words…

  1. If you’re looking for another great children’s book, try “An Orphan for Nebraska”. Do you remember that one? So good.

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