Connie meets Fritz…

Thunder and lightning, he heard and saw. That’s what he said. He saw lightning and heard thunder the first time he saw her. Beautiful and tiny she had yet to open her brilliant mind and wits to this soul who just had just been thunderstruck by her.

She was the only girl in this advanced placement class. Some “ism” is what she said. But this particular professor was simply brilliant and the class was a joy and one day, during a discussion aside of class on the movie “The day the Earth stood still” she teasingly told the group of boys the would only go out on a date with a boy who could quote exactly what Patricia O’Neil said to the Robot.

She immediately heard the phrase , “Klaatu Barada Nikto !”, and it was Fritz, the same one who would one day tell her that when he first saw her, he saw lightning and heard thunder. The love of a lifetime.

Now they’ve been married these many years and have Grandchildren to enjoy but the love that started all this still remains. Why, that gentle soul still opens every door for her and just adores her.

I see Connie only occasionally now, she’s a Magician…an Oracle. One who resides during business hours at our local library. I’m in awe of her intelligence and gentle nature, her grace and brilliance. But most of all her kindness, there’s no soul the ever leaves the Library desk after talking to that lady with the gentle smile her little blond head trailing loose curls from a chignon or ponytail that refuses to be tamed.  And I can understand what Fritz saw all those years ago, for occasionally she still stirs up sparks and lightning connecting one word questions from all of us into a wealth of knowledge using her tenacious mind and startling wit to shake answers out of that immense tree of knowledge that she is familiar with…she has the secrets of the internet spiced with the laserlike abilty to zone in on and capture the answer to any question ever put to her, simply phenomenal, our local librarian our local wizard. And occasionally I feel much like her Fritz must have felt when being witness to the electric field that encompasses such a Titan. When she hasn’t got you laughing with glee you’re simply awestruck with delight, to have stumbled upon such a gentle, giving genius. Awesome life. This little strong willed soul has united families and found lost fathers with her geneaology work and still each day continues to give. What a life , finding the likes of this soul at the local public library. Am I blessed or what!

2 responses to “Connie meets Fritz…

  1. ummmmmmm…Id say you were blest!

  2. Mom, how wonderful. This is absolutely entrancing. Part fairy tale, part true story, and lovely overall. The picture is perfect, too. You are so good at what you do! I’m proud of you every day.

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