The Sisters of St. Colman

The Sisters of St. Colman are really cousins. But sometimes I like to think they are really closer than sisters. There’s Eileen and our Kate , my Margaret and  Eileen H. and Rita. All being Kelly women by birth. All first cousins and blessed by growing up with parents and Grandparents that taught them that they had more than enough for themselves and would find that giving of yourself to others that needed the days of your very lifetime to help straighten out and support others in need. And this is something these Kelly women have mastered. The fine Art of being there. Being present, when the call comes for little ones to eat or newly emigrated to be safely housed. When the old and tired and abandoned need support in connecting the dots of the Social Services red tape, these are the women you want in your corner. They truly are examples of what Christ said about seeing him you your fellow man, to house the poor feed the hungry sooth the grieved. They’ve taken the days of their lives, after decades of hard work to support and raise familiesof their own and have now turned their specialty in survival skills to share with those who can no longer do it for themselves. They amaze me. I sit here pushing buttons recording their gifts of time and ingenuity and love and their very lifetimes and I’m in awe. The good Sisters of St. Colman. Father Bob the pastor is constantly amazed when another cousin turns up, putting in where ever and what ever their abilties are to aid in the good works of St. Colman’s Parish. He’s literally hit the motherlode with these good women decended from William Kelly and Mary Dawson. And I am so proud of them.

*photograph is a picture of our mutual Grandparents Margaret Kelly Spellacy, and her littlest brother William Dawson Kelly always known as “Dawson Kelly” they would be so proud of what these amazing women have done to help this world.

2 responses to “The Sisters of St. Colman

  1. I have felt the kindness of Katie all the way out to the Ohio/Pa border. If she is the very essence of the group Im sure that to God this group is a blessing and an annoyance to the devil. Bravo Ladies!

  2. I love the way you describe them – makes me want to go do something good for someone! And I didn’t know that they all went back to Margaret Kelly and Dawson Kelly – they would love that generations down the line, their families are still as close as those two were in that picture.

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