I wondered what you’d look like…

I wondered what you would look like 30 years before you were born.

 I would look for you in your Daddy’s little boy eyes. I would try to see the little ones he would love so fiercely some day, as I love him.

and like him, I loved you before you were born.

I thought about you and wished to recall your smiles before you  were even a sparkle in your Daddy’s eye.

Because I already knew your giggles and laughter would be his armour for this world. I looked for little you,  to protect him with your love from whatever the trials of the future bring to him, answer it in hugging him and loving him and making him laugh just as I have done. 

One response to “I wondered what you’d look like…

  1. Ma, this is so lovely and moving! And you chose such wonderful pictures too!! I love you, Ma.

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