Sandusky for fun…a little of this a little of that

Well, as you can see I started out my day at the right place! But just a tad too late, they we’re just closing up when I wandered by near 4pm so I waved to the lovely girl and asked If I could take pic’s and she said sure.

Wendy Kromer and her partner and the amazing women and men that work here toiling away over piles of frosting and twinkling imaginations gather that all up to create without a DOUBT the finest pastry this woman has ever consumed. They’re world-famous for the taste, design and reliability in getting the job done. Whether it’s here or there (they fly the cakes with a set-up person) all over, they can be counted to please you and amaze and delight your guests.

O.K., I tried really hard not to leave paw prints on the glass but sometimes that eternal little girl who lives inside of me and would do anything for CAKE escapes into the open, and this little piece of Heavenly Real Estate called Wendy Kromer’s gets her every time. Just when I thought I had caught and captured that little salivating tyke I turned and saw this…

You can see my shadow lurking over this adorable display. I just love the Hat Cake. And these amazing Bakers/Artists. Such beauty and skill always gives me pause. As Liz Lemon says on 30 Rock…I want to go there….

But being closed I wandered a little further down the street ( the block of Columbus Ave in downtown Sandusky between Water St. and  Market, there is a slew of neat little shops with every kind of adventure you’d love to have. The next open door I found was the “Encore” Shop. This is truly a worthy effort filled with lovely surprises and plenty of designer labels.

The shop is based on donations from the community as an effort to support  the good works of Stein Hospice. So every purchase here goes a little way to making someone’s life a lot easier in the hardest time of their life. Those souls at Stein have more heart and goodwill than I could ever put into words, all I have to do is see the relief and comfort that washes over each and every family they’ve touched. Literally like guardian angels doing the hard work and just letting us have time to just be wives and sons and daughters again. 

Enough, you have to see this place , they have cookie jars that will make you roar with laughter ….

Furniture, jewelry , Housewares…you know the drill. But in a beautiful immaculate setting. Here’s some more snaps…

The next stop was for sustenance. I needed to suck down a little oxygen and spike the sugar a little with some nutrition. So, I know it’s a little off the diet but I had THE BEST ever Club Sandwich at this little Coffee Shop. Mr. Smith’s Coffee House.

It a very cosy place at 140 Columbus they have a terrific menu and were kind enough to let me a new shutterbug take pictures of all kinds of neat displays. The food was wonderful the staff kind and quick to serve but not pushy. The goal in this little corner of the world is to nourish you quietly and quickly. **** Mr. Smith’s Coffee House, plenty of room for groups and even a little quiet room apart for those personal conversations.

 And out the door and off to “Acme Barber Shop” at 114 Columbus Ave. for a quick trim and some amazing stories and pictures with the Proprietor  Harry.

Harry makes a visit to his place of business an adventure, soak in the history of the area and if you can gently get him to talk about the stories behind the objects in his neat collection you’ll have the time of you life, laughing and commiserating over life and the ramifications thereof. And all the water a girl could want to drink…There a world of found objects here and each is a wonderful story but mostly just sitting there and appreciating the place is enough sometimes. The view from there.

I’ll have to continue my stroll down the center of Sandusky’s Columbus Ave. tommorow…we still have to or three neat stops. See you then.

3 responses to “Sandusky for fun…a little of this a little of that

  1. I love that you are a tourist in your own life! Have you thought of writing a visitor’s guide to the area? Show this to the visitors/tourism office of your community and see if you can contribute to what they do. You’ll have fun doing your field work and they may even compensate you a bit!

  2. Sheila, I will surely be out to visit you now !!!!!! Margaret

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