If you can build a black box to survive the crash…

Why not build a plane the same way…to survive a crash ?

2 responses to “If you can build a black box to survive the crash…

  1. The Plane would be to heavy…. Its a thought though.

    • Dear Frank,

      Thanks for the reply. Of course it makes sense it would be too heavy with the current metals and engines. But think much bigger, think as if peoples lives really weren’t expendable. Think titanimum alloys and engines that can lift really heavy objects. Or think of really light objects like those human hamster balls that people go rolling down hills enclosed in. The ability to bounce and not take the hit of the fall all at once but with a bounce or two while strapped in and cushioned by airbags or bubble wrap. Lord knows making it of these materials might just entail making it a lot lighter, cheaper and with some pretty unbreakable material…think bounce and stretch like those human hamster balls…either way the current designs of aircraft are for aerodynamics and not human survival. Why not use both? Like dropping a baseball off the Empire State Bluilding…they bounce, not crumble like a hunk of steel. Check with the UPS guys on how to ship “fragile” I’ll bet they’ll have some better suggestions on surviving hits.

      And just as clearly don’t be afraid of people thinking you’re and idiot. They said the same of Einstein, Newton and a cast of geniuses.


      ps The fuel cost would diminish substantially too. Cool huh? Human survival and a buck saved.

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