The Curse of the curse words….#!*!*&#@%

That’s the dilemma, they sound so appropriate. There is something to the guttural “G” sound and the long drawn out “SSS” or “FFFFFF”that just makes them resonate. And that crisp “K” at the end to top it off…

Not only to us but to the little ones too. Once heard in the correct sustained manner with the inflection just so the FFFF**k,or a SSShhhh**t will never be forgotten by a small child but will be repeated endlessly usually in front of the In-Laws, or Teachers or any and all Authority Figures they come across. The kids are searching for that thunderstruck look or unintended laughter or giggle that puts the adult at their mercy, they may not know what the words mean but they know they have lighting in a bottle that they can stop adults in their tracks At least till Mom overhears it.

But it’s so hard for new Parents to remember until it happens and that little foul mouth runs afoul of your New Mother in Law. Such stuff new marriages are made of. And if that Mother in Law has any compassion or sense at all she’ll remember when her own ones were little and let it blow by and not have a G*@! heart attack over the F#@!ing thing!

2 responses to “The Curse of the curse words….#!*!*&#@%

  1. I have absolutely no memory of Cas ever using words like that when we were this age in the picture. You were so clear on the belief that curse words and intentionally bad grammar were equally intolerable as they were signs of being too unintelligent to find more descriptive words or too uncaring to articulate a meaningful message. Either way, they held little or no value in your mind and reflected poorly on the speaker. You made us work harder for our words, knowing that what we say represents what we think.

    • Dear Susan,
      Neither of you two ever used bad words for very long if at all. But I just love that picture of that boyo looking like something just happened which he had no control over and he was showing me with such a gesture…”Oh, well!”

      I just love that picture of him. You were all three running around the front yard of that little house on Parkside. Lee, You and Cas. I think we had the sprinkler going and you kids were jumping in and out of it. Its one of my favorite memories, seeing you two with Lee running in the sun with the rain from the sprinkler sparkling like diamonds on you giggleing little guys.

      love you

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