The things you push against, will lift you up…

I was watching a video on aircraft and it talked of drag, lift and friction. These things make the plane lift off the ground and race into the sky doing exactly what it was meant to do…to soar into the air.

Air And Sun Orange

I pondered, it seems that people are just like airplanes and other flying creatures except we do it with our emotions and our love and passions and pursuits. Usually our way to passion is found first through appreciation then love then passion. But occasionally and all the more profoundly our passions are ignited by someone telling us NO.

You cannot, may not, you will not ever do whatever that passion that is your own love do. They’ll tell you your incapable, the wrong sex, uneducated in that field you so love. You’ll be told whatever they can tell you to discourage you, and then suddenly you’ll feel the friction, you’ll be impassioned with the will to prove them wrong and make justice happen will ignite you.

 You’ll feel the friction and the force of chorus of NO’s lift you higher and higher and make you stronger and stronger until they’ve all but melted in front of you and the runway is clear. I’ve seen people achieve miracles. Lifechanging miracles of birth and death and most of all peace of mind by following their hearts and truly doing what they were meant to do. It’s good for the soul, to live doing what you love with joy and passion and the peace of mind that you’ve followed the path you needed to. It makes for a wonderful life, doing just what you want.

It makes you soar.

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4 responses to “The things you push against, will lift you up…

  1. Deborah the Closet Monster

    This is such a powerful message, and so beautifully expressed. I wish I could add to it, but . . . wow. Thank you.

    • Dear Deb,

      I’m pleased you enjoyed this piece. I’ve read your work and when someone of your caliber thinks my work is good, its music to my soul. Thanks so.


  2. So inspiring! I really needed this message today.

    • I swear this much is true, the things you rail against will only make you stronger, so make sure they are worthy of your energy, its your very belief system and your very lifeforce you are fighting with. ‘Tis an battle that can either make you stronger or kill you. You choose.

      But either way you’ll have lived life as a human and not a mushroom.

      Christ, I don’t want to say on my deathbed, “I was a compliant vegtable” with the gift God gave me.

      love you,

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