To disney or not to disney that is the question…

Honestly, I was just watching Seinfeld on TBS and this totally imaginary commercial came on repeatedly about taking two little ones to Disney and making memories with them. Then I remembered what it was like to be caught in this advertising frenzy and how I felt bad for YEARS for not ever being able to do this for my two little ones because as a single mom I could never stretch my $$ far enough to get us out-of-state for a vacation. Their only vacation I can remember was to see an outdoor drama “Tecumseh” in southern Ohio, and of course the requisite visit to the Spellacy family graveyard at Greenlawn/ Holy Redeemer  Cemetary in Portmouth, Ohio.  What a treat for those poor bambinos…

But I always felt bad about not giving them the Disney experience that would have required me to lose my mind work a second and third job scream and yell. I just generally  hope all those cosy nights with warm soft baths and bedtime stories and days stolen from the school calender and put into running away together to the zoo and the circus and the museums ( called mental health days) gave them far more than Disney ever could have. Run away with your children occasionally. They need to know 1st your relationship with them is far more important than the job the school anything else. They are far more important than all those things we do to pay the bills. And they also need to know you too feel the need to have mental heath days too. It’s normal to step out of the ratrace now and then and take a breather. That its O.K. Thats an important lesson to show them their own importance in the grand scheme of things. Take those comp time days those sick time days and while everybodys here and accounted for don’t go off to work but surprise them all and sneak away together. Where all they’ll remember is being with Mom or Dad not the insanity of a planned trip fraught with things that could go so wrong. Just surprise them with some happy unplanned time off . Nothing like a Disney prescribed vacation that costs a fortune what with the princess outfits and gate tickets that cost a weeks worth of groceries but a real vacation for everybody. Just when they’ve got that backpack on and their about to muck out the door for anothe horrible day at school just tell them you’re declaring a “Mental Health  Day” call into work and take them those sweet kids out to eat and off to the museums. You’ll have a blast. And so will they. Wander see your own local sights. Make your own memories all the time without having Disney steal you blind to do so. So sneak away with your fast growing babies if just for the day. And make your own memories. And that’s what they’ll remember, they were the most important thing in your life. Because they are.

5 responses to “To disney or not to disney that is the question…

  1. I feel so much better now Sheila! My youngest got to go with his auntie, but the older two didnt get to go…it was just simply out of question financially.

    But, we spent a lot of time with them, especially coaching them, sitting on many a hard bleacher for them and cheering them on-sacrifing so that they could have a baseball mitt, basketball camp, football spikes, etc. Teaching them to stand up for their rights and having a close extended family was absolutley valuable. So Much Love all Around! Never again will I feel remorseful about the two oldest not getting to go to Disneyland…In Fact! My youngest “the teacher from Orlando” took his Father and I last fall…how special is that?

    • Dear Pat,

      Sounds like those beautiful kids are a lot like their Mom and Dad.

      Love you and thanks for the comment. It seems that taking the time to be there for the important stuff seems to be a specialty in some families. That and showing up with the right priorities every time. Your amazing and thoughtful kids are proof of that.


  2. Would like to get in touch with u. I am try to find more info. regarding my anchestry, as I am a Spellissy from Baltimore, Md. I hope u can help me get started with some information, as to how to get started and so on. My Dad’s name was Martin B. Spellissy as was his fathers.

  3. Hi Ma! I loved our local vacations! Cas did too. We had fun on those long car rides, talking and laughing and singing. Being with you was great and you gave us such wonderful times! Going to see Tecumseh, the Black Hills by car, Gettysburg in a van, Oil City was great. So many! Same for Dad – he took us to the Olentangy Caverns in Ohio where we “panned for gold,” and off to Wildwood water park every summer for years, and the fall that we all went apple-picking. Worth more than a thousand Disneys.

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