The Sky is Falling…that wasn’t an acorn, it is drone aircraft over America.

I’m not Henny Penny, but sometimes I feel like her. Bop, there goes another Acorn on my head. This time a pretty good size one that’s hard to miss. Kind of a highlight of things to come. I live in Marblehead ,Ohio and I had been outside just sitting and looking over the lake last fall when I looked up and saw a drone aircraft passing overhead.

Sometimes I now feel as if the sky is falling and none of us are really paying any attention. We’re too busy hiding behind reality shows like “Real Creatures of Beverly Hills”. All the while there’s this war that’s dragged on unprotested in the media and masses of people protesting on YouTube not being recognized. What’s it tell you when the news sources (and the Whitehouse !) get their news from YouTube or MSNBC? That means news is not only totally created for our consumption but that the real news is never-never broadcast. Only occasional glimpses of reality are seen on the Net.  

I feel like we’ve all been bought off…for a few good times at the dollar store or a few McMansions or promises of a golden retirement that they’ll never deliver.

I believe there is going to be another Crash (Depression) very soon. The likes of which will make the 1929 debacle look like teenage shenanigans.

I believe that this depression will change the entire world as we know it. Geopolitics, religion all of it. Down to the very lynchpins that hold our current cultures in place. All of our “Cultures” are being lined up for a major hit that will either form the old-fashioned method of killing each other for a buck under the guise of “Patriotism” and or an all out Social Revolution and back to the days of Serfdom and Kings and Queens and the rest of us. 

The tail end of this massive change all started when in order to extend a bad economy we permitted the changes in the banking laws that would permit usury, trying to catch that golden goose.

Now we will finally realize that this mad cycle of War for profit and these killing fields only buy us 10 years of financial safety in exchange for a few tens of thousands of our children. It’s the cost of extending the lie of the “world economy”. We must choose to either continue the path of War/Lies and Profit or turn to a new age where the making and taking care of each other and our children will be the most profitable thing to do.

Murder is the same thing whether it be through our omission by permitting starvation by poverty and or outright of violence on another human being (murder, war).    

Perhaps,  finding a way to make it profitable to keep us alive that profitable or perhaps change our priorities (yep, I’m talking to all those so-called Christians, Jews, Muslims anybody that professes to believe in a higher power and still condones murder for profit and/or patriotism , or more importantly both! That the concept of taking care of your fellow human is so much more costly than just killing them. You can kill them and keep the profits. It costs money to keep them alive. Life truly becomes more  important than profits . To be taking care of each other as the most important thing,  not the last resort of people who finally in the long reaches of old age realize they’ve wasted their lives building and creating and supporting weapons of suicide for the human race.

Human Race  IE; Humans themselves and their children, IE; US!

We know the course of Profit/ loss and currency only lead to war/poverty for the multitudes and immense wealth for the very few.

What if your well-being was based on your ability to treat your fellow-man as family as opposed to what was parked in your driveway and how healthy your bank balance was. What if we spent our insurance dollars on helping and protecting our fellow-man woman and child instead of sending it off to an Insurance company to insure a lifestyle appearance we’re trying to impress our Neighbors with? Can you just imagine the dollars that would go to help the poor if we legislated only  1/2 of the insurance premiums went to the poor ?

I wonder what Ohioans alone spent on state mandated insurance last year ? For cars alone ? I wonder what the #’s are for welfare costs vs just auto insurance costs in the state of Ohio. I’ll bet you the Insurance Companies are vacuuming way more dollars out of your pocket than taking care of the poor ever has. After all…County by County we all have to pay the insurance companies to drive by law. But we don’t have to take care of the poor or homeless by law.

We have our priorities after all.

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