Lone wolf mentality….

I was just reading the Google homepage news and getting throughly ticked off. Realizing that’s what they meant to do, tick me off. What an easy mark I am.  I always do this. I look at those articles that interest me and take my own spin on them.

There is an article this morning 2/19/2011 on how the FBI expects bad things to happen for sure,  100% it’s going to happen eventually. Well cripes, they are the FBI after all. That’s their job to look for the bad. Not mine.

The specialist in the article explained all the different scenarios (like we don’t have enough to worry about?). Why not just set out an Instruction Manuel on the front page of Google ? One of the theories mentioned was the  “Lone Wolf” theory. It suddenly occurred to me that there are many “lone wolves” out there and perhaps thousands more  “Lone Angels”, you know…the People who go out there every day with no fanfare no newspaper headlines and just do the right thing. Or do above and beyond the call of the right thing and they never show up because their thing is not about bragging how good they are, they just are. They stop suicides they deliver babies they feed the hungry they comfort the sick and the mourners and you never see these people in reports because we’re only looking for the bad in these reports. But 1st you must remember somebody answered the call ( good thing) or you wouldn’t have the report. Period.  Now remember that and remember you can only SEE what you’re looking for.

 So the next time you hear some news about the despicable behavior of a human I want you to go to your local soup kitchen and volunteer and see the “Lone Angels” just showing up and doing the right thing serving dinner and taking care of people without any thought of 40 virgins (what kind of insecure Macho Idiot needs 40 virgins anyway!)  Have they got something against full-grown women ?  And what do the Women Terrorist get..once again the short stick. Although the Virgin bit might pick up the volunteer business some, they get by without it; Why you ask? BECAUSE MOST VOLUNTEERS ARE WOMEN.  These lone angels  already outweigh those puny terrorist 2 bazillion to 1.

My money’s on the solid good quiet women. The ones like Mother Theresa. The ones that don’t talk about it. They just get it done. Those are the only “lone wolves” I care to think about. And they’re Angels. Lone Angels. I know they exist for sure whenever I see kindness or decency or respect for people of all kinds, there’s my kind of lone wolf.

Except maybe they are not so alone after all. 

And another thing, that “behind closed doors” newbie governor of Ohio John  “The Fascist” Kasich,  the same idiot who is now demonizing unions for supporting a living wage is now pulling out of building a State Mental Hospital in Cleveland in a desolate site that looks like the bombed remains of Europe after the second world war. On Euclid Ave. in Cleveland between East 59th to East 61st street (14 acres)  in an area of blasted ghetto he is thereby turning away 200 more jobs from this Cleveland area, and God knows how much social help to an area rife with both poverty and Mental disease. Way to go Kasich the Fascist. But supporting a new Aquarium in the flats to supposedly drive visitors. Just don’t let them out of the flats. Don’t let them see the real bomb blasted Cleveland that lives along the former “richest street in the world” Euclid Avenue. It now looks like a moonscape.  What a terrible joke on taxpayers in Cleveland and Ohio is the “Euclid Midtown Corridor” that only works to safeguard the Cleveland Clinics assets and blast everyone and any competition out of the area.

And lets not forget our behind closed doors Kasich the Fascist wants to sell off our very roads (Ohio Turnpike). What a guy. 

And shades of fascism, how about the Governor of Wisconsin sending out the law to recover a democratic  legislators on the lam because the Democrats of that state are trying to delay a vote that will strip workers rights from their state and local coworkers. What kind of Police State is it when the Governor can force a vote by dragging in the law makers to force a fixed vote on the rights of its citizens? Sounds like constitutional (federal) remedy is called for. The only way to prevent this loss of human rights is by omission or de facto preventing the vote.  This should be a heads up to all the Republican lawmakers in Wisconsin. And Washington D.C. too. Your day will come if you permit this madness now. Eventually you’ll become too expensive to keep in office too. Perhaps (they’ll say) we don’t need a bunch of white guys sitting around on their butts ‘handling” things for us. We need to streamline this three branches nonsense…hmmm how much would we save? Mmm… that could really help the budget by downsizing the government…start with the Senate and finish with the House…say cut them both in half. Or better one third. What the hell, dump the Senate and outsource their work to the 1/3 of the House that still sitting there. No more time for junkets. Period, they’ll be about the peoples work and have only one week vacation a year like the rest of us.   Oh yeah, and be paid minimum wage by law.

2 responses to “Lone wolf mentality….

  1. Wow. My ma on her soapbox! Very articulate and hard to argue with. Too bad we can’t have a “political service duty” requirement of our people, like “jury duty.” Every average joe/jane gets their name thrown in a hat and if selected, has to serve as the voice of the people in politics for a bit. It seems the politicians are there too long and that by becoming politicians, they cease to be ordinary citizens in touch with their communities. Politicians who continue to speak the language of the people, like Kucinich, are few and far between, and tend to be looked down upon in the industry. If that’s how politicians feel about him, a guy who is still a people’s guy, it makes me wonder if that’s how they feel about the people.

    • Dear Susan,

      I just love that you get it. Talk about succinct…that last sentance of yours left me breathless.

      “Politicians who continue to speak the language of the people , like Kucinich are few and far between, and tend to be looked down upon in the industry. If that’s how politicians feel about him, a guy who is still a people’s guy, it makes me wonder if that’s how they feel about the people.”

      Wow, yourself!

      love you

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