Martin Sheen and Charlie Sheen…


Q. What do you think Martin thinks of his son?

A. I think he just loves him.  He’s just another Dad trying to help his son.

The heartache of witnessing your child in pain is damn near the hardest thing in this life.

Lindsey Lohan, Charlie Sheen these are souls who don’t need JUST rehabilitation, that’s a temporary artificial environment. After sucessful rehab they need to drop out, eject, run for their lives fully aware from that which is trying to kill them, fame and fortune and the guilt of having all those other people depend on you for their income. The pressure of it is driving them to take the “all-star famous” road to suicide. Being driven there by their own people and attention of the press and the demands of the lifestyle. They will never escape it working and living in their current high-profile lives. For them  remaining in these lifestyles are deadly choices. 

It’s too bad there’s no witness protection program for those who’ve seen to much of a “good thing”. Too much sex, money and power. I really believe that if they were capable of escaping into the open, altering their appearance a little dowdy it down and renting some bolthole little apartment in Nowhere, Tennessee or Whatever, New Mexico and spending their lives just getting by being a regular Jane or John Doe living off the monies they’ve already acquired. Hell, a one bedroom apartment in Bolthole, Oklahoma has to be 1/10 the rent or mortgage payment on those palaces they never get to see because their either in Court, Rehab or shooting on location. Get off the ride, step away from the Carousel of insanity that fame just is and give yourself a break of a year or two then go back slow, part-time as a clerk or a waiter or try writing or drawing you’re talented you’re creative souls just step away from the vehicle of stardom that is driving your life at speeds that will get you killed. It’s your choice. Make this survival gig a permanent one by calling all the shots yourself. Tell the Agents the Studios the Networks the Producers every little bloodsuckers in your life including family and friends that only want you for you can do for them moneywise and attention wise to take their leachlike selves and go find another host. Get a life of your own. Period.

And eventually when you get lonely go and Volunteer somewhere. The library, hospital  or a nursing home. Someplace where you can see the hurts of others and help them and stop thinking about yourself all the time.  

 It will remind you intentionally not only of your value as a kind and wonderful soul, but it will keep you aware of just how lucky you are. And what the real world is like. You miss so much of that and lose your way with the trappings of Hollywood.

You’ve finally reached a point where you can’t afford not to drop out. If there are kids your worried about, worry about what your continued addiction and death will do to them, for their very sakes safeguard your life now. After all you know what life with Mama can be like. Stay alive and help them. And be an example that it is in the Genetics of you and them to conquer this. Kids only learn by observation. They’ll always love you but give them a chance at loving themselves by proving they were worth living for. Don’t give them life only to snatch it away and make them feel like they weren’t worth living for. GET BETTER. Because your saving them also. Years from now all the get out of your addiction is that they weren’t worth living for.

And do a job you really care about. There’s such dignity in finally feeling like your using your powers for good. Helping others and just living your own little life. Welcome back to reality…for you guys it could be such a relief. Its your choice, each life is lived with intent. Intend to be happy.

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