Pepe Le Owl…

Last night I had a dream about a tree like you’d see on the plains of the Serengeti at sunset, looking black and all backlit with the fiery sunset of reds and yellows. On each black branch there were rows of Owls. Good-sized Owls. When I awoke I realized you never see two Owls together. Let alone a tree full of them. They’re not like Blackbirds. You’ll never see flocks of them wheeling with joy against the sky like schools of fish in the ocean. You’ll never ever see a Mama Owl out for a look-see stroll with a bunch of little owlets.  You know, like ducklings, goslings or chicks ?

Now that I live in a rural county in Ohio  I’ll occasionally see all kinds of wildlife that heretofore I only knew from books or tv specials. In the course of the day I’ll see Eagles and a once in a while in the daytime an Owl. Here there are all kinds of birds and wildlife that favor the marshland near the lake. At night I hear coyotes and later see the remains of their fights in the night with our local cats and dogs. I have heard of the remains of deer found deep in the woods when the coyotes are done with them. Enough so, that I make lots of noise on the way to the car if I happen to go out at night.

But the dream of the Multitude of Owls had me puzzled. They are never seen in such masses. You’ll never spot a tree full of Owls in the real world. They live a solitary life.

Which gave rise to the question of how do they procreate being such solitary beings. My immediate answer was a cartoon in my head of Monsieur Owl who was all “Oui, Oui..Oh, my Cheri!!” . I imagined the flying Lothario as a kind of Owly Pepe Le Pue, who looks rather like this…

 At which point I realized I was perhaps putting too much thought into this…forget the scads of Owls in the tree…I’ll take the image of Pepe le Owl any day.

Have a good one!

3 responses to “Pepe Le Owl…

  1. Great illustration! I have a little nuclear family of barn owls living in my tree. Gosh I love them. You’re right though they don’t spend too much time together. I’ve seen batches of little prairie owls hang out on fence posts hunting for prairie dogs. They’re a hoot, too. How strange to dream about owls. I’m actually jealous.

  2. What a wonderful and strange dream. And you’re right, I’ve never seen a group of owls together. They are probably my favorite birds, being all stocky and staring with those round eyes. But not very social. A side of them I never considered.

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