The Practice of Kindness; Deeds of Lovingkindness


I’ve been reading a Hebrew/English translation page at , and it seems that the Hebrew term “Gemilut Chasadim” Practice of Kindness, Deeds of loving-kindness is a virtue of giving every sort of kindness that can be given from one soul to another. Visiting the sick, comforting mourners and escorting the dead to their graves, or as my Dad would have said, “Swelling the Crowd”.

Here all these years he was practicing the virtue of  “Gemilut Chasadim”. Which in his world was a good deed he saw and performed as cheerfully and beautifully as that great soul could. He was a specialist in “Gemilut Chasadim”. His key to the practice of this,  was that gentle smile that he greeted people with troubles with. A compassionate smile that said “I’m here… caring and honoring you and your life and will always be, you are my friend.”

Anyway this translation page is interesting and filled with explanations of Hebrew words. Sometimes I think, rather I KNOW all Peoples no matter what languages or race color or creed are all alike. Sometimes it brings me great joy, sometimes great sadness. But always hope. That’s the human condition.

Photograph courtesy of Google Life Archive It was part of a story about a lynching in Lyons, Georgia 1949. Amy Mallard’s husband Robert was shot while stopped at a road block set up by a bunch of white hooded cowards on a back road in Lyons, Georgia. In the car with the Mallards were their young son and two other young black men. In Georgia, she ended up getting charged with murdering him. 

I don’t know who her lawyer was or who this man in the photo is but I think he’s certainly performing “Gemilut Chasadim”. Bless him.

3 responses to “The Practice of Kindness; Deeds of Lovingkindness

  1. I absolutely love this….

  2. What a great photograph. You can see she wears her heart on her sleeve, and how strong it is.

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