Best advice if you are FREEZING!


Body Lotion, moisturizer, skin cream, whatever you call it, it acts as the lightest warmest and softest blanket ever. With just one application you’ll immediately feel warmer. So if you are like I was when I was young, and are cold all the time, give yourself a break with a little skin cream. You will  find great relief from the cold with the light warm wrap of something gentle on your skin. Now I know why the Indigenous peoples of the Arctic and Sub-Arctic have been slathering it on for years. It’s the best lightest barrier to the cold ever. It keeps you warm in the winter. So give your skin a real break from the cold and insulate it a little bit more from those biting dry freezing  winds of winter. Put that moisturizer on all over and give yourself a chance to get and stay warm. 

Photograph courtesy of Google Life: Archive

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