Nipple confusion? Babies generally look happy or mad, I’ve never seen one confused.

A knight of labor 

My sister Margaret, the Baby Nurse with better that 30 years experience working with those rascals in the N.I.C.U. (Newborn Intensive Care Unit) went out to dinner with my David and I the other day. In the course of asking about her work and how the babies were treating her, she had me howling with laughter stating that the babies were a breeze but the parents and their advisors needed some help. She mentioned some of the more insane things currently going around by said “Experts” in the field. “Experts” who have had neither babies nor experience raising said Tyrants and Dictators.

The first that had me falling off the chair was “Nipple Confusion”…I pictured a baby looking left then right and then at the bottle on a table and saying “Amen!, I’ve won the Mama lottery !” Not… where am I, who am I,  which nipple did I use last?

I don’t think they really care. They just want to eat. Like any typical human in hunger they latch onto the first bit of nutrition floating by and think they’ve never had such a fine meal depending on just how hungry they are.

Then she explained that no matter what the “Experts” said, these poor brand spanking new Parents were just about to get onto the scariest Roller Coaster ride of their lives , and on this ride the Baby is driving.

Then she mentioned that the Hospital was all about making the surroundings  “baby friendly”. At which point she made me laugh by stating the surveys are filled out by the Parents,not the babies. Perhaps catering to their likes and dislikes were far more important. Crazy World. Then just the other day I noticed an ad for a local nursing home and the nurse in the picture had a headset on and a big confident smile. Turns out they’re trying to do away with the paper load the nurses have to fill out and research to find out how their patient is doing and what the latest test say. So now instead of charts there will be this incessant buzzing in the nurses ear telling her all the latest info on that particular patient. Why, she won’t even have to communicate with the patient to find out how they are. The patient’s history and test results and everything will be loaded into the Computer and be whispered into her ear upon her request. 

Here’s hoping SOMEBODY talks to the patients. And SOMEBODY makes a point to update the computer records. And hell, if they don’t it’s not the nurses fault. Hospitals are counting on that infallible computer. You know, the one that can’t spell your name correctly.

Top Photograph from  “A Knight of Labor” circa 1890 Reproduction # LC-USZ62-68474  Source: US Library of Congress

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