Mega Millions…bonk this way, bonk that a way…

 Confederate money was good

I was just sitting thinking about pulling myself together to go down to the corner Grocery “Erie Market” owned and run by the most understanding and wonderful of men. This particular angel also carries the lottery and I’m off to by my Mega Mill ticket…its up there this week. I think its up to 336 million. Imagine that…just by buying that ticket I bump the odds and change the course of the winner. Rather like drop into a pond sending out ripples…when the winner is announced and it turns out to be somebody who could really use the money who has faced a few hard times I just like to think that my little nudge, my little “bonk” on the flow of tickets helped make it so. Maybe its silly but I know the odds of winning are pretty rare but the odds of helping somebody who needs it are pretty great. Especially right now. Goodness, I’ve gone and made gambling a good deed. Yikes! Makes me feel good even if I don’t win I’ve changed the flow of that river. A little. A twig in a stream.

Photograph courtesy of Michael Schwartz Library, The Cleveland Press Collection , Cleveland State University

One response to “Mega Millions…bonk this way, bonk that a way…

  1. “A twig in a stream.” That is excellent.

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