Baseball in the neighborhood…

 Playing ball in the street

Growing up on W114th, the game was ongoing. It was picked up early in the spring and ran all the way through the first snows. You’d pause long enough to wave a car through but that’s about it. This picture just took me back to that time when a pick up game was ongoing and we played for joy of it. Until we hit about 10,11 or 12 years old when the girls got boobs and boys became pinheads that made fun of them, and we were no longer all playing for the same team. Hell, some of us never figured out what “Team” we played for, or what had happened to the word “Team”. It just seemed to mutate to either having boobs or making fun of them. From then on the girls were pretty much unincluded in about everything. But it was fun while it lasted, “b.b.” Before Boobs . Sometimes seems like yesterday.

Photo courtesy of Michael Schwartz Library, the cleveland press collection, Cleveland State University see for some great cleveland area pictures.

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