Hard Candy Cake…Daddy’s best effort…

Cake Decorating at Hough Home Bakery

My father was a culinary wizard. Literally of the loaves and the fishes variety. He could disappear into that tiny kitchen and reappear one hour later with enough “Hamburger Goulash” for all 12 of us who ate like 40 and enough rice pudding for dessert to finally sink the ship of peckishness.

But cakes defeated him. I can still remember the time he tried his hand at a homemade cake. From scratch a white cake and homemade frosting,  unfortunately a boiled frosting. Well he boiled it a little to long and when he went to serve the cake (very pretty 2 layers) it was indestructible. The knife was useless it just slid off the hard candy surface. Very pretty though. Well Dad ended up getting out the hammer and breaking up the frosting enough to shell out the cake. So in the end it was all an adventure. My amazing Dad making a delicious dinner and dessert you need a hammer to eat. But we did!

Photo courtesy of Cleveland Memory. org and Michael Schwartz Library at Cleveland State University.

2 responses to “Hard Candy Cake…Daddy’s best effort…

  1. Further evidence that we will do anything in this family for cake. ….mmmcake….

    • Dear Babyhead,
      I love all your comments, but this one had me falling out of my chair laughing. What we really need in this family is a “C.A. Club”. A Cakes Anonymous Club for those of us with a serious addiction to the evils of pastry and cakes in any form. With that conquered we could try to staighten out our Ice Cream Issues. Then again what’s a world without Ice Cream?

      love you

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