My family’s terms of endearment…

Years ago my sister Kate started using the word “Babyhead” when referring to my sister Kelly…and then on occasion she would call each of us in turn that name when the spirit moved her. She would use it laughingly as a term of endearment to reflect the love and affection with those she loved. It singled us out as belonging to her and having that “Kate” curtain of love around us that said we really were ok and the rest of the world could go to hell. We belonged to her and our family and every little thing really would be ok in the end. Years later I would use this same term of endearment with my babies and as they grew we recognized in each other such love and devotion when using it. So fast forward 30 years and I’m leaning over my little grandson tickling him after hearing him use the word “babyhead” with his Daddy. So I joined in the game telling him that he was “my babyhead”, and he would laugh and run to the other chair and lean over and laugh and look at me and say in little boy-ese ” I not your babyhead! And I would laugh and chase him 2 steps to the other chair and say “Yes you are my babyhead, and your daddy’s my babyhead too! I never realized how such a special word or term of endearment can knit the generations of a family together with such love and recognition. That Kate, her life’s impact is felt by a little boy in Tennessee who will someday meet his amazing Aunt who if he’s really lucky will call him her Babyhead also.

Thanks for stopping by and the pic at the top of the page are my Connor and David…just a few  my few of my very own sweet babyheads just this last Thanksgiving 2010.

2 responses to “My family’s terms of endearment…

  1. This is such a great picture of you guys and Connor… and your soon-to-be pup Emma.

    • Dear Susan,
      Thanks my girl, it was wonderful, and that Emma ran up at the very last moment and parked herself right in front. It was too funny!

      love you

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