About reality..

Bal Risque costumed couple

I just had to put these in…this piece is about loving your partner, and just how lucky to have someone who loves you. So I went looking for interesting couples and boy did I find a few so a few chuckles before I grab my soapbox on the miracle of loving. Here’s proof there’s a “lid to every pot”.

 Art Deco couple

Bal Risque costumed couple

Bal Risque costumed couple

O.K., oh my some of those lids! Yikes I say…

Now for my soapbox

I was just reading a biography that has the subject struggling with their sexuality as a young woman. I thought of all the struggles people face, and it just amazes me that a persons sexuality should be one of them. It doesn’t matter. Whatever. What’s important, and its the only thing that is important about sexuality, is to use your power for good… to honor and love and protect those you love.

Many use their power with sex to shame, hurt or create fear. Because they themselves are terrified and live in fear. 

 Sex should only be used with respect and honor to adore your love.

That’s one of the main joys of this world to physically and every other way you can respect and honor the souls you’ve chosen. It really doesn’t make any difference gay, straight, bisexual. 

To love is a miracle in itself, it’s not about the body fitting into a predetermined jigsaw puzzle.

But about being human, prone to birth and certainly death and therefore having a limited time offer to show love, respect and affection with this our very bodies.

There is no wrong way to honor love with your body. 

Why in Heaven’s name does it take a lifetime to learn it’s O.K., to be human?

Just love youself and others to the best of your ability and understand just how lucky you are to have been able to love at all.

Photographs courtesy of Clevelandmemory.com and Michael Schwartz Library at Cleveland State University

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