My Grandmother, my Granddaughter…

So beautiful that Nell and that Teagan…

 I see reflections of my Grandmother in my Granddaughters eyes…

I just love that…

I know this time around she’s finally found herself a wonderful Dad who’ll always be there…

 They share more than dreams that run in the blood…

They share that wide-eyed stare that let’s the world know they don’t miss much and will demand to be treated well.

My T is 8 months old and already has that same cool glance that my Mother and sister T favor. It’s one that can drop a fool at thirty paces.

But you should hear that little girl’s belly laughs when playing with her Mama.

It’s an amazing and beautiful life. And these are just some of my Thanksgiving reasons.


2 responses to “My Grandmother, my Granddaughter…

  1. The resemblance is REMARKABLE!!!!

  2. Wow. That’s remarkable.

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