Humor; It’s a strength, and it takes a hell of a lot more strength to grow something than to kill it.

Any whiny baby can kill something. And will. It will just crush it. After a tough day getting all hopped up on watching realistic violence and playing Computer Games that specialize in killing as a mode of survival its nothing to cross the line between entertainment and reality. After all we call all these murders , rapes and violence on Television “Entertainment”. Now who’s crazy?

The real tough soul is the one who can keep something alive and growing in reality in this crazy world.

By keeping our children calm and loved we can literally change the world.

Remove the steady 8 hour a day diet of violence and aggression that masquerades as “Entertainment”, save their psyche from the total craziness and despair and onslaught of bad vibes Computer Games and insanely violent TV and Movies. Love them enough to say no to things that scare them and things that lie to them. And teach your child to read and to imagine and to see the humor in life and if its not there to help create it and point it out to others for what it truly is a survival tactic.

There aren’t enough guns or blades or bangs in this world that will ever diffuse a great joke. Teach them humor to endure. Not retaliation but jubilation in the human condition.

Why kill some idiot off when you can laugh at them forever. I bless God every day for Bill O’Reilly..he’s just such and idiot and makes me laugh so. 

But remember…your kids do not need TV or Computer Games “Entertainment”, but the lifesaving skill of laughing at what other people think. They need to learn to trust themselves over and above what the rest of the world thinks. Period. 

Teach them to love themselves with an eye to being able to laugh at themselves and they’ll be fine. Because they really like themselves. Hard not to love that guy or girl that can laugh at themselves.

 That laughter, it’s sacred. More important than any other lesson, the ability to laugh at themselves and others is so important. 

To know that NO ONE  is infallible that’s just as sacred as loving your brothers and sisters, is the ability to make them laugh when they need it.

Teach them well and let them have the joy of the present. Now. This will help them pass through the sometimes eternal “nows” of this life when things can get so bad and try to overwhelm us. Let them laugh. Let them be able to laugh at themselves and others without guilt but in recognition of the family of man. Lighting someone’s way with the “Light of the World”. God isn’t in the details, she’s in the laughter.

Photographs courtesy of Google Life Archive

3 responses to “Humor; It’s a strength, and it takes a hell of a lot more strength to grow something than to kill it.

  1. This is possibly one of the finest articles I have read in months and months.

    I should know, I am in the business of writing great articles in an attempt to save the world.

    • Dear Posky,
      Thanks for such kind words. Your words assure me that its o.k. to write about the things I care so much about.


  2. I couldn’t agree more Sheila.

    I have fond memories of my youth entertaining ourselves and just laughing . At everything and nothing.

    Sadly it’s a generation of kids who have become dependant on something electronic to entertain themselves and it has killed off creativity and imagination..
    I have recently implemented a “no TV rule” for weekdays and my kids are actually plaiying with their toys more and making up silly games.
    LOVE IT!

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