Maureen and the Advent Calanders…

Years ago, when my children were just little ones, my sister Maureen would faithfully each year mail to each of them an Advent Calendar. Starting with the first of December and up to the 24th each day they would open a little door on their paper calendar and feast on the piece of Chocolate and message that was revealed with each passing day. They just adored the calendars and it soon came to mean the start of the Christmas Season for those two little ones. I don’t think Maureen ever realized just how special she made them feel to get such things sent in the mail just for them. It truly became the magical start of the season for them.

Today while shopping I came across some of those old-fashioned cardboard and candy calendars. I’ll be sending  them out this year to my Grandkids,  all because I saw how much they meant to my little ones years ago. That Maureen, her magic is in making people feel remembered and special and helping the rest of us learn how to forward that feeling. Because of what she faithfully did for years and years for all us. I just love her. So I’ll be sending out some of those Calendars the day after Thanksgiving, but I’ll be thinking of our Maureen.  

Photo courtesy of Vermont Christmas Company  at this website ;

2 responses to “Maureen and the Advent Calanders…

  1. Oh my gosh, we LOVED those calendars!!! Every time I see one, I think of Aunt Maureen and all those Christmases.

  2. I also remember that some of them had pictures when you would open the flaps for each day. Cas and I would wait all day and wonder about the next picture behind the flaps. “What would it be? What would it BE???” It would be an angel or a star or a snowflake and we loved it. And you know what else? She always got us different calendars. I had one just for me and Cas had one just for him. So our candies or our pictures were just a little different. That was so great.

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