Helping the kids with their Homework…Its a miracle!

Of course its a miracle that only takes 27 years to develop but a miracle nonetheless. While talking to my husband over a morning cup of coffee I realized he had on this slightly pained expression he was trying to hide. I have this awful habit of waking, sitting down and talking his head off first thing in the morning. We’re talking 5am here, sometimes earlier. After about 2 hours of repeating myself I’ll wind down and go away ( to write or read some more). And I can see a little look of relief pass over his little face. Hmmm…I remember that look. My Dad used to get that look sometimes…usually around the time he tried to explain my math homework to me.   

He had the same look my David gets trying to explain things to me.

But I also can remember one time when my kids were little stopping by Grandpa’s house on Clifton and speaking with Dad out in the kitchen. He had just finished the dishes and was leaning  with his back up against the sink and suddenly he looked so startled with the turn our conversation had taken that he pushed himself away from the sink. I asked him what was wrong and he looked at me and said,  “Brilliant, that’s just brilliant what you just said, why you’re just brilliant!”,  and for once I actually believed  he was really surprised by my insight on something.

I just wish to hell I could remember what…!


 I’d like to think what must have felt like doing 27 years of hard time homework with me, had finally paid off for him.  

And I wish I could remember what we where talking about. He was a hard guy to surprise, being so familiar with the human condition. 

But now people continually startle me out of my socks all the time like that when they react to something I just babbled out and suddenly they’ll jump or gesture and startle me, and I never can recall what we were discussing in the first place when they react so dramatically so suddenly. Odd little world. Then again I can remember asking my Dad how he handled it raising 9 kids…

“I drank” he said, and I laughed and laughed because he was right and he was serious. Sometimes the best humor is right there in just telling the facts.

Have a great day and remember to tell somebody you love how brilliant they are. After all they do choose to love you so they’ve got to be light years ahead of the crowd!

Photograph courtesy of Google Life Archive.

One response to “Helping the kids with their Homework…Its a miracle!

  1. I love this one, and the picture your chose too. What a great memory of him!

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