My wish…

October 2010

I was just daydreaming about a trip to see my boyo over this Thanksgiving. He has a job helping people where occasionally he is in harm’s way, just like millions of others. But my wish this middle of the night is for him to be safe and protected by angels and coworkers. I have a dream of him walking his little newborn daughter down the aisle 30 years from now. His girl looks a lot like her Mommy except for that widows peak and that tiny determined chin . She is beautiful, strong, funny and kind. One of those tough little cookie’s,  being the second born.  I can see she and her Daddy sharing many a laugh over the human condition together in years to come. My son has married a woman who is a titan herself having  been through a few tough circumstances herself and pulling all 4 of her little sisters  along with her. She made of some amazing stuff too. So I can see our little Teagan Genette turning into a strong brilliant woman. Who in my wish,  when she’s walking down the aisle is set into gales of snorting laughter by her Daddy.

I can see her holding her bridal bouquet up to her lips and hissing at her Daddy “Stop it! Your going to make me pee all over this white dress!”

And he clamps his mouth shut, but he can’t help grinning all the way down the aisle with tears of laughter and joy standing in his eyes.

That’s my wish.

He walks her down the aisle making her laugh so hard, and she and her Daddy, my boyo are that close. He’s ok and she’s ok, and Britt and Connor share such of look of commiseration and knowing slow smiles. Shaking their heads at the likes of the two of them. I just love them so. And that’s my middle of the night wish that will come true.    

Photo courtesy of Google life archive

2 responses to “My wish…

  1. May God grant you such a simple selfless gift….

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