The 5 Commandments of Raising Children…

1st. Love your child, more than anything else. Period, more than your (hopefully adult) spouse more than your job more than drugs more than booze, more than your own puny needs.  I repeat, Love you child more than anything else.  

2nd. Be strong enough to tell them “NO” when they need it. 

3rd. Respect them. Key ingredient, to get respect you have to give it to them by example on how to treat family members. If you show NO respect for them as children then they’ll grow up into adults that show NO respect for you as an Elderly person. Because you’ve hand taught them not to respect the weak and only to respect physical strength. What stupidity, as wisdom comes only with  loss and not with the winning. Life truly is a two-way street. 

4th. Ask them what they want to be when they grow up and then when they ask for your ideas, repeat back to them their very dreams. Let them be their own hero, and in doing so and believing in them you become theirs. And by believing in them, you have given them the biggest chance for success. Self-belief and respect that they are capable to make their own dreams come true. 

5th. When you have a child you are investing in the future.  You can either invest your time and money into your child’s education or you will end up investing it into the finest Attorney money can buy. But you will be investing. Period. 

So you take your pick.”

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