The poor will always be with us…

Delacroix, Louisiana a lesson in survival.

I came across this old article written in July 2001 in the National Geographic Magazine about the area of Delacroix, Louisiana. It speaks of the hard-bitten history and strong people of this Bayou community . The article mentions that to get there from New Orleans you had to pass ruined sugar plantations, ancient cemeteries and live oaks dripping with Spanish moss and then go through the steel gates of the massive hurricane protection levee and just try to imagine the flood that would close them. 

Well, Delacroix didn’t have to imagine for too long. Katerina came and tried to scrub it off the face of the earth and damn near succeeded. They rebuilt. Now the British Petroleum Oil spill. First God, then the English trying to kill off this tiny community. But I suspect they ( at least the British) haven’t the first clue how tough these people really are. You know in some ways Christ really was right…the poor will always be with us. Because they are survivors. Take away a rich person’s wealth and what have you got? I doubt a survivor. But the poor  have always survived without it. Its just simple numbers and strengths. 

But then again maybe Mother Theresa was right, the only thing any of us including the poor really need is at the end of the journey to have the dignity of a death with love and compassion, such an honor to leave in comfort that someone cares as you go. Really narrows down the important things in this life to just loving or being loved. It really is that simple. Everything else has just been an illusion of this world that you’ve been sucked into. The thoughts, the houses, the clothes, the bank accounts, the right schools… all of it. Nada.

Just have loved and be loved. And you’ve got it all.

What’s that about an entire universe in an Atom? You should feel like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz. You always had it inside you anyway. The rest was just static . Just love its that simple.

2 responses to “The poor will always be with us…

  1. I sent this out to everyone I know…was to good to not share!

  2. SO true. It’s all the counts for anything.

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