October by the lake…


Wind is combing the leaves off the trees, gently at first. Like we comb our little one’s tangled hair. There’s the whispers of a millions of leaves gently saying a soft eulogy for the last days of summer long past and suddenly that sound swells with the Winds,  into a crescendo of applause for the end of the summer and blatant arrival of the fiery colors of autumn.

 It’s as if the very trees and their leaves are applauding that sole Hawk wheeling and screaming against the blue blue sky. 

Such light, sets the leaves on fire. The push of the wind makes them skitter and dance across the pavement.

Down by the lake watching the wild grasses and last of the flowers being beaten like a tatoo drumbeat onto the rocks that line the lake, knocking the last of the seeds of the future out of them.

Carrying the seeds God knows where with the wind.

I just love Autumn its color and music. All kinds of crazy light.

It’s just right for this Goldilocks.

Just right.

Even the Hawk’s joy… sailing on the current of wind off the lake shows it. She’s a dancing dark shadow against the blue blue of a clear cold sky…I  just love Fall.

Photograph courtesy of www.freefoto.com the gorgeous work of Ian Britton ref#  19-43-8

One response to “October by the lake…

  1. This is so poetic. I love the mysterious tone.

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