A little town in Ohio in the Autumn…

 Picture of Autumn colour in the Tweed Valley - Free Pictures - FreeFoto.com

I love living near a little tiny town like Port Clinton. It’s mid October and I had forgotten about the Harvest Festival and its giant tent blocking off the main street on one of the last warm weekends in the Fall.  They’ve taken down the big tent that covered Madison Street, our main street and now you can see that all the store windows along the main drag of Madison Street colored with kids poster paints of giant Pumpkins and Spiderwebs and Ghosties and Ghoulies that the local middle school kids have painted on the merchants windows. It’s autumn and let the cool nights start and the games begin. Cars clunking out on you in the morning as the weather changes take their toll on those old connections in car batteries and engines. People starting the day off freezing only to be peeling layers off by noon. I love the Autumn because it always seems as if on any given day anything can happen. Enjoy the variety of a wonderful season courtesy of a very temperamental Mother Nature before she puts the kibosh on the whole thing and freezes us up like little ice cubes in the freezer here on the edges of the Great Lakes.

Enjoy the last of the Fall Season’s scents…like leaves burning and fresh pinecones falling,  and the colors of a mass of russet Mums tucked into a giant Orange Pumpkin…

* The last was a truly thoughtful reminder of the Season by a kind neighbor. It’s simply beautiful, I’ve set it out by the Doorway to the House, it just looks so happy and welcoming in that golden fall light.

Photograph by Ian Britton , reference # 811-12-7641 courtesy of www.Freefoto.com

2 responses to “A little town in Ohio in the Autumn…

  1. What a wonderful picture of autumn you’ve made in your writing.

  2. I just love that photographer Ian Britton. I can try to paint with words but he can actually make you see it. That’s brillant.

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