Gravity Mining-vs-Coal Mining…

Today they’ve broken through to the trapped miners in Chile. They’ve developed a special capsule that can be lowered to them in the mine and then they’ll be pulled up one by one. Prayers answered , bells ringing, families restored.

Now ‘s the time to develop the mining of the constant pull of gravity into a continual source of kinetic energy to meet out supply demands. We wouldn’t ever have to risk another to the warren of dark tunnels and no foreign country could never turn off the spigot on the oil. No more scarring of the Earth surface with Massive Toxic spills. Just use the ongoing energy just flowing around us already…literally “go with the flow”…or in cases of energy propagation, against it. That’s all that energy really is anyway, the friction of two opposing forces.

2 responses to “Gravity Mining-vs-Coal Mining…

  1. When someone learns how to control it and profit from it…then it will happen.

    • Dear Pat,
      I’m such and Idealist, I was hoping that all of us ever facing a utility bill again would help to pay for this research and development of the “gravity as energy” idea. But then again I guess we (taxpayers) are currently funding other research and development for the Energy Industries. Perhaps there already are funds earmarked for “Enviormentally sound energy development”, but I fear you could be right about the motives being the mother of invention. What’s that old adage?, “That that does not kill us (oil/coal consumption) makes us stronger.” Well oil/coal consumption is not making us stronger. So it’s very clearly killing us because the misapplicaton of Oil and coal as a source of combustable energy is changing the very air we breathe and twists our very DNA with their coal and oil byproducts. Some terrific invention that combustible engine. What a Paradox, go figure, what was termed “One of the greatest inventions of the 20th Century”, has now become the source of the nemisis of human survival in the 21st Century.
      Thanks for your comment Pat, I fear your comment is right on target.

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