I guess I won’t have my Egyptian tomb…


I was talking to our Kate some time ago when she had me cracking up with the statement that attics and garages no longer held any trepidation for her. She said she used to worry about how to get them all straightened out when it occurred to her that you only get 6 feet. No matter what, prince or pauper, star or server its all the same…6 feet.  

This was some time ago in the middle of a warm spring day when she made these comments, I was all flustered about getting things in order and she just smiled and looked at me and explained her ” All you get is 6 feet theory” and inside of two minutes I was smiling at the thought of all those things I had acquired and stored and carried for all those years and it just makes me laugh so that you have to go through the exercises of thinking you can really keep all this crap forever and that this stuff is  really important to finally learn its not really important and you really can’t own anything but your own love of others. And that’s the only thing you can own. The joy you have bought to others and they to you.  You can also at the same time leave that potent memory of it here to generate more laughter. What an amazing place!

And what an amazing Sister to realize and explain the Universal laws of ownership to me …You ONLY get by giving. That Kate…the BEST! Remember you only get 6 feet, so pack you little suitcase of a heart with all the best stuff.

Photograph courtesy of Google Life Archives

2 responses to “I guess I won’t have my Egyptian tomb…

  1. “…pack you little suitcase of a heart with all the best stuff.” My favorite line in this one.

    • Thanks my love. I love the idea that that’s all you can take with you, the memories so make them good. So simple and such a relief!!! I love you Sue!

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