$1000 bucks a bullet and one penny a pill…

I can remember Chris Rock doing a bit about how we didn’t need Gun Control, just bullet control. If we charged $1000 bucks a bullet, the homicide rate would definitely slow down. They’d really have to think, is that idiot I hate really worth a thousand buck to me? Maybe I’ll just slap him around. Chris Rock was hysterical with this bit and it’s stayed with me and to this day makes me chuckle.

 So when I went to get my prescription for an inhaled steroid filled and found without health insurance it’s $210 a month I thought, cripes… Then I remembered Chris Rock’s bit about bullets being so expensive and I thought jeeze, I do wish they would reverse the prices on those two things… “I do wish bullets cost thousands… and pills cost pennies.”

The photograph above was created by CARLOS PORTO and available at www.freedigitalphotos.net

2 responses to “$1000 bucks a bullet and one penny a pill…

  1. This comparison is something I never thought about before. It’s amazing how cheap it is to stop life and how expensive it is to keep it, when it is so very valuable. Bullets and pills – I never thought about it in those terms.

    • That Chris Rock is BRILLIANT with the concept of charging hundreds for bullets. And I think I’m right on target with the cost of producing those pills. It costs the pharmacutical companies pennies in active ingredients but they can charge whatever the market will bear. And what would you pay not to die? Its legal murder for the right price. Overpricing a medicine is sentancing that person to death. Period. And as far as the cost of research and development thats paid for with your TAX DOLLARS. It’s just pure ingredients at pennies but when you tack on the unregulated greed its worth is better than its weight in gold.

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