That long, high, lonesome sound a Train makes in the middle of the night…

Picture of Railway Tracks - Free Pictures -

I live near Sandusky Bay and when that Train crosses that causeway over the bay in the middle of the night there’s no sound quite so dreamcatching as the sound of those cars clacking away over those tracks with the water that surrounds them carrying the beat of it on the tracks and high whistle of that massive Train as it crosses the water destination to and from unknown. Very romantic to think of where its been where its  going.   Especially now, this time of year when all the changes are happening. The end of the year is dying off as we wrap it up with School starting and holidays like Halloween and Thanksgiving. Those long summer night are gone now, giving way to cool evenings and the sound of leaves skittering across the pavement and cool rain and thunderstorms starting. The winds are really beginning to pick up too. Further and further away from those dog days of summer when the hot days lasted forever and you couldn’t wait for evening to come after 9pm. Then the night air would try to cool off the pavement and aluminum chairs,  so you could at least walk around barefoot or perhaps sit in cool chair. Now the ground stays cool even when the sun’s been up for hours. And it’s not a breeze that cools now, it’s a wind that chills.

But I still love the sounds of Autumn. Those leaves skittering or the trees whispering then wailing in the wind and rain. And of course the sound of that high lonesome train whistle. The clack of the tracks as they head God knows where. I suspect I always have. I was conceived in a little tiny house not far from some railroad tracks and probably heard the sound of that train whistle long before my own first cry. I imagine that’s why I love it so, reminds me of home and safety and hopes and dreams. Keeps me aware that the possibilities are endless, you just choose the ones you want and go for it. That’s called your life. Pick the ones you want, you deserve it. Then listen for the sounds of joy you love…

And thanks for stopping by.

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One response to “That long, high, lonesome sound a Train makes in the middle of the night…

  1. I really like this one, Ma, I can just imagine all these things.

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