Quotes from dear old Mom…

Don’t call home if you get arrested, if you do and I answer you’ve wasted your dime. 

I’ve raised nine children. I’ve done my time. I don’t babysit grandkids.

I always thought 15 minutes was long enough for a visit.

I am NOT your friend, I am your Mother.

If a man ever hurts you remember; they’ll have to go to sleep sometime.

Amazing and pretty blatant, she had eight daughters, luckily none of us ever fell into that category of a wacko boyfriend. I think because the way she was. She set the example of how to be treated by a man by the way she just demanded to be treated with respect and dignity. And my Dad did, he just plain out adored her. I think to her dying day she fascinated him with her wit her strength and her beauty. All that and she couldn’t and wouldn’t lie. He was clearly dazzled by her.

Hardly sympathetic, but she went on to raise some pretty amazing people. People who could handle the truth. She was very clear my Ma, she had to deal with 9 kids a husband who liked his beer a Grandmother who would only hear her own side of the story and any number of people in full denial of it all living in her immediate family. She didn’t believe sugar-coating anything, and she hated a Liar. But she didn’t beat people about the head with the blatant truth either. She was amazing, I adore her and I trusted her with my heart and soul and always will. She was a Titan. That’s the thing about a truthsayer…you can trust them, you may not always like what you hear but they’ll never lie to you.

I know this looks like a pretty tough advice, but I think she was fully confident if the world was going O.K., I would know just what to do. So she was clarifying (not just for me either) all the other advice on visits or arrest to all of us. She suffered no illusions  about us being perfect. I’ve often wondered if she gave my other sisters the advice about abuse or not? Never had to use it luckily. But still good advice I passed down to my Nieces and daughter, remember girls..

they ALL  have to fall asleep sometime. Meanwhile…listen to your Mothers…

One response to “Quotes from dear old Mom…

  1. “I always thought 15 minutes was long enough for a visit.” I love this one. I wish I could get fifteen minutes to chat with this woman. You write so well, I almost feel like I have chatted with her.

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